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Your First Steps in Cloud Mining

It’s hard to imagine Bitcoin mining was developed a little over a decade ago with all the hype surrounding cryptocurrency mining now. If you are still deliberating on how to start earning and make your first foray into the blockchain, cloud mining is your best chance to land a profitable investment. Unlike miners of old, modern cryptocurrency enthusiasts have found a way to earn Bitcoin without the need to set up a data center in the bedroom.

How Is Online Mining Better?

Your First Steps in Cloud Mining

Cloud mining means you rent a certain hash rate in a vast data center located in a state with low electricity charges. By choosing to mine crypto online, you get rid of multiple problems, such as:

  • The need to save up and invest thousands of dollars without any guarantee of returns.
  • Hours wasted on setting up, fine-tuning, and maintaining a physical mining pool.

Instead, you get to enjoy the benefits of online cryptocurrency mining, which the traditional approach will never have. By sharing the referral codes, you increase your passive income. By using promo codes, you enjoy the discounts and mine crypto with an increased return on investment. Cloud mining is not just a way to earn Bitcoin; it’s a great investment opportunity with little upfront expense and manageable risks.

How to Start Earning Coins If You Are New to Blockchain?

Your First Steps in Cloud Mining

Online mining provides you with near-instant access to a mining pool of your choice, but first, you need to select one of the cloud-mining platforms. MinerGate, Genesis Mining, and Elysium are among the favorites.

After you create an account, browse the available cryptocurrency mining plans. Consider the mining difficulty, exchange rates, contract duration, and hash power to find the right combination for your goals. Once you transfer the payment, cloud mining will start immediately without the need for constant supervision and manual control. Withdrawals are usually automated, so your earnings will be delivered through the channel of your choice once the minimum threshold is met.

When you mine crypto online, the process is nothing like the traditional Bitcoin mining methods. You exchange a small upfront investment for a promise of larger returns. However, you can sometimes influence the mining success by switching to the best-performing mining pool among available options.

How to Tell the Difference Between Cloud-mining Platforms?

Your First Steps in Cloud Mining

Cryptomining.Farm, HashFlare, ViaBTC, and Hashshiny are the household names, but they don’t mean anything to you if you know nothing on how to start earning Bitcoin in the cloud. Miners can describe the features and benefits of each of the cloud-mining platforms for hours, but ultimately, the best choice is the company that offers:

  • Minimal cloud mining rates. The less you spend on the mining pool, the higher your ROI will be.
  • Real-time relevant data on your online mining account. Every transaction and status change should be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Multiple withdrawal options. You might be looking for a way to earn Bitcoin, but only getting the earnings in USD to your bank account enables you to use them.
  • Short-term and long-term contracts. The former are best for cloud mining newcomers, while the latter boast higher earnings.
  • Extra earning and saving options. Promo codes slice the Bitcoin mining prices, while referrals increase your passive income.

Cryptocurrency mining is no longer an exclusive club. It is a valid investment option for forward-thinking individuals. With the best practices and tips in mind, browse cloud-mining platforms’ reviews, study their features, and find the perfect match for your needs.

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