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Withdrawing Your Winnings from a Bitcoin Casino

You’ve won a lot of cash after a successful session at an online casino, so now where do you put your winnings? It is imperative to find a safe, suitable option to bank your winnings once you have cashed out. You can now spend it on a more comfortable chair on which to gamble, perhaps…or some champagne to celebrate your victory!

The most reliable option is to withdraw your winnings by way of bitcoin, a cryptocurrency which can be used as a way to cash out of many casinos. You are encouraged to sign up with a Bitcoin casino if you want to play with real money at an online casino. The main advantage of bitcoin is that players can stay anonymous, and can safely deposit money and cash out using only a bitcoin address. That address is where bitcoin can be sent from and sent to. What’s more, bitcoin withdrawal is fast and easy, and comes with little to no transaction fees!

How to Cash Out

To withdraw your winnings from a Bitcoin casino like Bitcasino.io, a gambler should win bitcoins by playing games and, on top of that, clearing out all wager requirements if a bonus has been claimed. Upon requesting a withdrawal, bitcoins are transferred from your own account at the casino to the address you have specified for your bitcoin wallet. They are processed at once, which means your bitcoins should be in your wallet in no more than twelve hours, with no extra fees required.

A few clicks of the mouse or taps of the finger are required to withdraw your winnings:

Step One

Log into your Bitcoin casino account, entering your username and password, and head straight to the Withdraw tab.

Step Two

Enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet in the Withdrawal section.

Step Three

Enter the figure which denotes the amount of Bitcoins you want to cash out from the casino.

Note: Bitcoins Only Exit from Online Casinos in a Digital Form

When one talks of Bitcoins as currency, you are likely to picture actual money you hold in your hand, but the bitcoin is an alternative coin, which exists digitally and is transferred between virtual Bitcoin addresses, without even a physical document to download after the transfer takes place. Bitcoins exist in a virtual environment and are themselves a record of transactions completed by the many addresses. Should you wish to reconstruct the balance of your own address, you must extract information from the block chain. That is the method in which Bitcoins exist.

Advantages of Using Bitcoins to Withdraw from Online Casinos

1. Transactions are Quick

Bitcoins can replace old-fashioned and outdated methods of payment methods such as check or bank transfer. Transferring funds in that way take a few days to clear, as they may need to be verified. Happily, Bitcoin allows you to receive your money very quickly indeed.

2. Transactions Cost Very Little

Bitcoins are free to use. However, there may be some online casinos which charge a tiny transaction fee so that can you can withdraw them.

3. Information About Your Transaction Stays Secure

The best thing about using Bitcoins to make transactions from online casinos is that information stays anonymous and secure. Think about when you pay for items using a credit card: you need to enter your details and personal information. This is removed when you pay using Bitcoins, because all you need to enter is the address of your Bitcoin wallet, so there is no need to give out sensitive information that might be used for nefarious reasons.

4. Bitcoins are Private

Bitcoins satisfy the demands of those users who want to keep their transactions private, because only the wallet address or username are known for the user who is transferring money. Again, consider credit cards, where you can prove how much money has been spent and where.

To conclude, it is certain that Bitcoin transactions are a safe, secure and reliable method by which to transfer money virtually to and from online casinos. Gamblers can be sure that their personal details are private, and there are practically no fees paid to complete the withdrawal.

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