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ViaBTC: Features, Risks, Benefits

ViaBTC: Features, Risks, Benefits

With cryptocurrency never far from the front pages, you must be wondering how to start earning. A few years ago you would need to brush up on programming, get a loan to buy an ASIC for cryptocurrency mining, and wait for months to see any progress. With cloud-mining platforms, such as ViaBTC, Bitcoin mining is a pleasure rather than a chore. Miner-centric ViaBTC features ensure the cloud mining setup process takes minutes, and first earnings are nearly instant.

ViaBTC Features for Maximum Returns

ViaBTC: Features, Risks, Benefits

When you mine crypto through a reliable operator, like ViaBTC, it is not only an easy way to earn Bitcoin; it offers a wonderful user experience. Here’s what sets this company from other cloud-mining platforms:

  • The choice among nine cryptocurrency mining packages, including Bitcoin, DASH, Monero, Ethereum, and more.
  • The selection of three cloud mining payment modes for most online mining plans to ensure minimum expenses.
  • Top-notch security system protecting your earnings from attacks and ensuring the mining pool is operational 99.999% of the time.
  • A clear and intuitive dashboard that reflects real-time data on mining pool hash rate and miners.
  • Android and iOS apps that combine the online mining dashboard with a cryptocurrency wallet.

How to Start Earning and Succeed with ViaBTC?

ViaBTC: Features, Risks, Benefits

Long before you mine crypto or even create an account, browse the Help center articles on the most popular questions among newcomer users. If you get lost in technical jargon, contact support managers and ask for help. You should have a clear understanding of this new way to earn Bitcoin before you sign up for a cloud mining plan and transfer money.

Check out profit estimations and consider the reality of cloud mining investment risks. You might get more money if the Bitcoin or Altcoin prices skyrocket. However, the estimates posted online are based on specific Bitcoin mining difficulty, maintenance fees, and exchange rates. If any of these or a dozen other factors change, the numbers will look very different. It’s not a warning to give up your dream to mine crypto, but a caution to be realistic and diversify your investments instead of pooling all resources into a single scheme.

If you are still sure about your way to earn Bitcoin and want to know how to start earning through ViaBTC, you’ll need at least one account. You can create more, but beginners should start with a single profile. The registration form will require a valid email address or phone number and a secure password to protect your cryptocurrency mining profits from breaches.

Upon email or SMS confirmation, log into the account and select the cloud mining plan. Transfer the payment and move on to experiment with different mining pool settings, sub-accounts, and notifications until you are satisfied with the online mining operation. Don’t forget to submit withdrawal information. Otherwise, you won’t receive automatic payments once your profit exceeds the minimum limit.

With cloud-mining platforms, Bitcoin mining is that easy and quick. You can enjoy the benefits of blockchain and the comfort of outsourcing the hard work to professionals.

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