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TrueFlip Review & Rating

TrueFlip Review & Rating


2Games: Flip’s Star, Rapid to the Moon
Features: jackpot, lottery, prize fund, 2FA, referral program, gift cards, provably fair, Flipcoin
Withdrawal & Fees: amount requested + 1% fee

True Flip Review

All online casino players know that most of world casinos are regulated by government or somewhat private organs. Hence, there is no trustworthy organisations. Players always have dozens of questions on the subject of privacy policy and the model of work. This review will be dedicated to True Flip casino. This is proved and popular anonymous service which isn’t under governmental or private control like most others.

Ever wanted to try your fortune casino playing, but still hesitating? Clear and trustworthy platform exists to help bringing your plans into life! There is nothing more exciting than realizing you able to win doing simple things.

Let’s dip together into the True Flip site world – the first and largest fair lottery!

TrueFlip Review & Rating

It contains exclusive list of absorbing games, where players compete with each other, as well as it performs useful information sectors for users! This is the perfect chance for those who want to win! Here you can find pretty simple rules which make you succeed.

The current reviews made in the beginning of 2018 showed this platform is mentioned inside casino ratings as one of the best bitcoin related ever exist. It is organized in Costa Rica by True Flip Group SRL

Bitcoin Related

TrueFlip Review & Rating

The developers of TrueFlip wanted to get rid of problems and made a lottery that can provably boast of transparency and decentralization. Thus, the lottery is managed by the community, not by the organizators. This lottery can’t be controlled by any possible authority or country, or bank.

TrueFlip Review & Rating

True Flip casino offers platform based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows the company to launch an honest lottery with clear results. Truflip determines the winning numbers using random hashes , which can not be predicted. The developers put the source code of this system on the GitHub for even greater honesty.

TrueFlip Review & Rating

Nowadays, most of curious and up-to-date people already know that crypto games are a real sensation in the gambling sites world.

According to the information given at their White Paper, all the materials about winnings, every ticked sold they publish on the blochchain. The developers always provide the information they are planning to create True Flip tokens soon in order to benefit their holders an access to a special quarterly game.

Payment System and Deposits

According to the Blockchain technology on which Bitcasino stands, it turned out that cryptocurrencies are the most popular and convenient type of payment among slot sites. True Flip can offer wade range of payment methods to give a chance for everyone to play. It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash. The platform announced that soon it will provide players with other types of cryptocurrencies to make a deposit. The ambitious management and developing team is in tune with the times, so guys are improving the payment system.

TrueFlip Review & Rating

If some new player still doesn’t have bitcoin wallet, this is not a problem. No one needs to have special licences or to be fintech professional to take part in such a lottery. A new player just needs to register on the portal and after signing up procedure, everyone gets a wallet which is equivalent to any other wallet available on the market nowadays.

For those who want to start playing the minimal deposit is $50 in any cryptocurrency listed above.

Draws and how they work

All the algorithms needed can be got from GitHub as well as consulting with technical support of the site, reading related blogs or watching Youtube channel. The processes take place every day starting from 8 p.m. Actually, the algorithms are pretty simple. It is needed to generate six numbers from upcoming draw and that’s all. Every player is able to take part in the lottery, it doesn’t depend on the country or time zone. As it was mentioned above this is clear and transparent platform, all the processes operated by open-source software without development team getting involved. As for the draws themselves all the winning payouts are made without third parties interfering and they can be monitored all the time convenient for player.


TrueFlip Review & Rating

Right now True Flip can impress guests with two lottery games.

Participating in game will happen making several simple steps.

Flip’s Star game can remind the principle of Power Ball.

There you will have six random numbers to be guessed. The first five numbers should be counted from one to fourty nine and the last one number from one to twenty six.

For example:

TrueFlip Review & Rating

You have to buy ticket choosing one you liked the most, fill it out automatically or manually and then send it to the draw. The organization mentions that the tokens are used as tickets, so when one holds token he can directly play.

If the player wants, he can choose a bet which would work not only with the current game, but also with future ones. And as was mentioned above the lottery accepts most of cryptocurrencies. The player’s fund deposit is always secured by e-mail verification. True Flip’s team decided to create reward system which is named Flipcoin. All the Flipcoins always awarded for players inclunding cryptocurrencies and TFL tokens in order to support True Flip’s products. After player made some immediate actions he just have to wait for the beginning of the game, as was mentioned it happens every day about 8 o’cl. The winning number would be detected with the help of randomizer and then they would be published clearly at GitHub.

TrueFlip Review & Rating

TrueFlip Review & Rating

Rapid to the Moon

TrueFlip Review & Rating

The principle of the second game is pretty much alike with previous variant. If someone wants to play, he see that the game is divided into two tables, where he has to choose eight different numbers from one to twenty and one or more numbers from one to four in order to have more chances to succeed. Everyone can observe it every 10-30 minutes. Then the actions performed will be absolutely identical to the previous instruction. The player also have to choose a ticket and the important information to be mentioned is that each ticket price is 0.0001 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to $2.58.

According to the materials provided in White Paper, the company will launch two more exciting games soon. Certainly, the chances of winning will increase with the appearance of diversity.
For example one of the games will allow players to guess 12 from 24 numbers. This lottery will take place every 15 minutes. Everyone will have a chance to get superprize when identidying those right 12 numbers.

It is possible to win the Jackpot only if the player guessed 9 numbers. But if the situation appears when nobody could guess the numbers, so the fund would be transferred to the next draw.
The next game will be launched is Flip Flop, considered to be instant. There could be erased from one to three tickets for every step, where everything would depend on the level of difficulty. When the user will succeed, he would have a chance to choose either to go ahead or to fix gotten profits.


In order to stimulate interest in the platform, the development team came up with a variety of ways for current and future customers to participate in promotions.

Refferal program

Every user is allowed to share a few words about the platform to invite friends or other new players using his own refferal link. The great news is that every user invited gets totally free ticket after registration on the platform. Hence, users are able to receive 2% of their referred players’ winnings on an ongoing basis, even Jackpot including. This is a great way to intrigue participants and allow them stay on the platform getting bonuses while increasing their own-made wire.

Partnership networks

The technological platform depicted provides a great way for mutually beneficial cooperation between advertisers and partners. This step would enable fruitful interaction, so any and all business providers have the possibility to advertise with the help of service.

Bloggers interest

We all understand that we live in the age of total digitalization. Nowadays, internet plays an important role in the life of everyone, so we can’t miss the memo on the reliable voice of update blogs and specific sites, which provide this very trustworthy opinion. Definitely, there are millions of blogs and various platforms containing feedbacks all over the world. That is a great way to launch long-term cooperation between social network users, experienced bloggers and notable media.

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

TrueFlip Review & Rating

Development team takes seriously the privacy of each user, so they clarified all the moments concerning.

During the information fulfilling and collection the team gladly gives an explanation on subject of their purposes for which the personal information is collected. They withhold the personal data only during the period of its verification. Only the standard information required to participate on the site is collected. Each action of the organization is confirmed by the letter of the law. New participants can be assured of cleanliness of the platform. The personal data provided by user should be only the current purpose related, it should be accurate and actual. The platform has strict rules and strict security system which doesn’t allow scams acts and prevents information leakage. All the rules must be obeyed since the registration is completed. Besides, an important fact to be mentioned is that portal accepts only the users from regions where gambling activity is allowed by the law.

To complete the registration one needs to pass through several easy steps. When filling registration form the player must provide personal ID card, driver’s license and for identity proofing everyone obliged to download any current household bill. Now it is possible to choose among wide range of languages provided by the site. Not so long ago True Flip announced they added three new languages, which are Turkish, Korean and Vietnamese.

TrueFlip Review & Rating


The True Flip casino is honest and it loves its customers, so all the withdrawals would be payed clearly. When the ticket win, the prize amount would be send on the wallet account. After transfer the user will be able to convert bitcoins in any required currency. The player should mention that all the withdrawals are considered individually and manually. Therefore, the time for approving your individual case takes about 4 days. And the system takes fees for the operation, which is 0.001 bitcoin per one ticket.

The lottery is fascinating and the understanding of taking challenge of winning among millions of other players is great. Everyone has a chance to succeed winning a Jackpot! So, no one should hesitate. This lottery is the first to be the most transparent and reliable, because it was made through Blockchain technology. The interface of the portal is very easy and intuitively understandable, so one should not be a programmer or fintech professional to have a voyage across. If the user has a question to be immediately solved there are a lot of means of communication to reach technical support. The help center will provide qualified assistance in any situation, so no one would fill little-understood.

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