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Telegram stepped into the era of monetization

Telegram stepped into the era of monetization

Finally, the breakthrough we all have been longing.

The fall of 2019 is going to be the landmark for the long-anticipated token release known as Gram. Initially launched by a giant in social applications industry, Telegram’s mass emission of tokens has reached its peak. Regardless of the coin’s low affordability, it is still gaining its momentum, mostly owing to the investment activities. In terms of profit, Gram can compete with Libra – a new cryptocurrency by Facebook. No wonder, the hype around Telegram Open Network and inbuilt wallet seem never to end.

The fact is that the entire Internet community is involved in the global Gram craze. Users want to know how to buy it, if it is possible to mine it or how to earn it whatsoever. We’ll be honest and say that it was tough to stay a bit “indifferent” to the general ballyhoo. Luckily, we calmed our… nerves and got to learn the ins and outs of the world’s new fad.

Keep reading about how to invest fiat money into crypto and boost one’s earnings.


Gram is a crypto coin created by Pavel Durov, the former owner of the “Russian Facebook” – a social network VKontakte. After Mr. Durov was asked to sell the network, his next big thing was Telegram. These days, everyone knows what it is since the app is extremely popular with users from all over the Earth. Willing to monetize the app, Pavel Durov came up with the idea of creating a proprietary blockchain platform – TON (Telegram Open Network) – and introduce a brand new cryptocurrency. Thus, Gram has emerged, and very soon, we’ll see it listed on exchanges.

Telegram stepped into the era of monetization

Independent experts consider Gram a super profit-generating venture, but the results will be seen after the hype around mass emission of tokens calms down.


We got curious about the ever-growing popularity of this “crypto gold” and decided to bring out if it’s worth the investment. Here are the blatant pros:

  • Proprietary blockchain technology
    TON (used for Telegram Open Network) is an exclusive by Telegram owners, which surpasses the commonplace blockchain in speed, efficiency, and transaction fees. Aside from that, TON supports smart contracts and sidechains for additional tasks. Taking into account those as mentioned earlier, one can conclude that their earnings are safe and sound within this system.
  • Telegram Passport
    Implemented for safety purposes, this is a system for user identity confirmation. Thanks to TG Passport, you can fear no more that your details will be disclosed in any way.
  • Self-hosted payment system
    The set-up of TON allows managing payments independently, without the need to comply with numerous banking procedures. Additionally, there will be a digital wallet that is meant not only for Telegram earnings but for fiat currencies as well.

However, where’s a fire there’s smoke. The flip side of TG crypto gold is that it is nearly impossible to buy or earn it, unless for now. If you are curious about how to invest your money into tokens, keep reading.


Telegram stepped into the era of monetization

Buy if you’re a multi-millionaire. Gram is not the type of standard tokens; it is sold in batches to those who are ready to make a multi-million investment out of hand. In terms of traditional affordability, when anyone can purchase as much Gram as desired, this virtual asset is not affordable.

Still, if you want a bit of profit, the Web is overpopulated with the ideas on how to earn some Gram. However, bear in mind that not all of them are legit. The most relevant information can be found on Telegram’s official website. According to it, the coin can be mined by the so-called validators. These are 1000 people who conduct the service operation on the platform and get rewarded for their work with tokens. Each month, the validators’ crew changes at random, so there are equal chances for everyone to participate.

How to buy Gram?

Rumor has it that tokens will be available through Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Owing to its high-level reliability, this is the only official source to host the mass emission of tokens. Hopefully, Gram becomes more wallet-friendly after a while so that the ordinary people won’t be scared away with its doubting affordability.


Telegram stepped into the era of monetization

Beyond any doubt, Gram is a breakthrough that is likely to turn the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem upside down. We are seeing it crowding out the deep-rooted virtual assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum; what’s next? So far, we are let nothing but guess and anticipate the forthcoming changes. One thing is for sure, however—the emergence of this new coin has already had an impact on the fin-tech industry. If you want to tap into the flow, learn how to buy or how to invest your money wisely. Be consistent, and you’ll be getting profit soon afterward.

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