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If we were to find the starting point of sports betting, we would have to go as far back as the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, or even earlier. We are not historians and the exact year is not what we are looking for, but suffice it to say that betting on various outcomes, including sporting events, has gone a long way since those times, especially in the last decades.

A major change in the industry happened in the 1990s when sportsbetting became available on the Internet, and another crucial moment is associated with the introduction of Bitcoin betting. This was a real game changer, as many restrictions sports bettors had to deal with were no longer a problem to them. And if you come to a top-rated cryptocurrency sportsbook, you won’t feel limited in any way and get a whole range of Bitcoin sports betting options: MMA bitcoin betting, horse betting, derby betting, CSGO betting.

Benefits of Betting on Sports with Bitcoin

Whether it’s Litecoin betting or BTC betting you’re pursuing, the advantages of using cryptocurrency rather than, say, traditional MMA betting sites, are difficult to overestimate. Blockchain sports betting is favored for fast transactions, anonymity, provably fair gambling, and extremely low or no transaction fees at all. The latter makes it possible for a BTC sportsbook to offer much more competitive odds, whether it’s NFL odds, NBA odds, or MLB odds.

Another good thing about sports betting with Bitcoin is that you have such a wide range of sites offering all kinds of sports to wager on, from football to CSGO betting sites. Even if you pick a website which has all the betting options you are interested in, you might want to consider spending a bit more time to discover more places to place bets at.

For example, you may find one site with great MMA odds, but use a different place for betting on NFL betting lines because that other sportsbook offers a hefty bonus for football fans. A third site can be used for horse race betting so that you can collect all of the site’s regular promotion points, and yet another site with NBA betting lines because you have a very rewarding discount code, for example.  In other words, try to get the most out of sports betting you can.

Becoming a Sports Bettor

There are no major differences in using crypto money for placing bets. The wagering process is basically the same, but saying that it’s all easy to learn for a person with no experience in sports betting would not be completely true.

To succeed in the world of sportsbetting, either Bitcoin or a regular one, you need to get acquainted with various types of bets, and there are plenty of them: pleasers, teasers, parlay bets… The list goes on. But never fear, any decent BTC sportsbook will have an extensive FAQ section and informational pages, covering not only the types of bets but also some popular techniques, as well as offering some valuable advice and helping to understand what MLB betting lines or NCAA betting lines are and how to bet based on them.

Safe Sports Betting Experience

When it comes to anything remotely connected to money, there is a decent chance of running into a scam. Unfortunately, sports betting is not an exception, but there’s nothing to fear if you spend some time on research. It’s in the sportsbook’s best interests to prove it can be trusted. So, they publish all the necessary information to create a positive image.

First of all, check for the gambling license on the site. The next move would be to make sure the company offers provably fair betting. This may take some time to understand it properly, but it is a highly important skill for an online gambler.

Finally, it never hurts to check the reviews and feedback a site receives. Here, things are no different from any other site, whether dealing with sports betting or not. You can use the list available on our site to start testing betting on sports to win Bitcoin. You will soon see that it is much more superior to traditional betting sites in every regard, no matter what your favorite sport is. It really makes no difference whether it’s NCA odds or World Cup betting odds – a Bitcoin sportsbook will most likely have much more attractive odds than bookmakers running a site, which only supports fiat money.

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