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Satoshi Nakamoto founded Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency taking the world by storm. Bitcointalk, which Nakamoto also launched, is the world’s largest forum for Bitcoin-related chat, and for information about cryptocurrencies in general. The site has just celebrated its millionth registration, and stands above all the other communities who talk about Bitcoin. Its growth continues every day.

The forum deals with all manner of aspects to do with cryptocurrency: technical matters, mining, project development as much more. There is so much material for new users to delve into and for more experienced users to add to.

There are sections pertaining to economy and alternative cryptocurrencies, while the site offers information in over twenty languages besides English. What better place could there be to educate yourself? The only drawbacks are a dated design and a hard-to-use search element.

Some of crypto’s most impressive minds are active on the forum, meaning you can read information from expert developers, coders and business owners (though they usually employ pseudonyms for the sake of anonymity). The forum is kept in line by brilliant moderators who assess the conversation and offer user support.

A booming micro-economy

After watching out for trolls and picking through the myriad information on Bitcointalk, you can exchange cryptocurrency on the site. Sub-sections serve this very purpose; head to the Economy section to talk about trading and exchange. Users can also promote their own business.

The forum hosts many freelancers who are skilled in writing and graphic design. In exchange for some Bitcoin they can do a job for you with pleasure. The forum also offers ‘signature campaigns’ to enable users to advertise a product or service for a small fee. Typically this is a new ICO or altcoin which is being launched, but many other businesses including exchanges and casinos use the forum to spread the word about their new site or service.

Each post displays an advertisement in the user’s signature, which earns them crypto, meaning that a smart forum user can earn money simply from contributing ideas. This is a better method of advertising than is commonplace on the Internet, and is worth the outlay of thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin for the advertising campaign.

The forum also offers a user-oriented trust system. This enables users to give criticism, whether positive or negative, to other users, which increases a user’s own trust network. Though feedback can be false, this system is useful because it alerts the forum user to any untrustworthy posters.

Hearing Through the Noise

As you can imagine, there is a great deal of discussion that can help a Bitcoin fanatic, but the downside is that plenty of spam can impede a user’s understanding. As mentioned above, the search function can do with improvement, and there is no navigable system with which to file information or manage it.

The forum currently runs as a Simple Machines Forum, version 1.1.19, and has had an upgrade pending for some time. The new version of Bitcointalk has had heavy investment from the forum owners and admin team, who reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin to hire a development team. Time will tell what becomes of Bitcointalk.

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