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OneHash Review & Rating

OneHash Review & Rating
100% first-deposit bonus of 0.1 BTC


3Games: Live Games (Moon, Dice, Slots, Markets), E-Sport, Sportbook, Special Events (Politics, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Sports)
Features: provably fair, faucet, affiliate program, live chat, sportsbook, mobile-friendly, market trading, QR code bonus
Withdrawal & Fees: minimum of 0.005 BTC


When Bitcoin blew up several years ago, hundreds of crypto betting platforms have appeared thanks to the emerged interest to the cryptocurrencies. Not all of them have withstood the test of time, yet, the most solid platforms now reap the fruits of their labor and devotion. OneHash is exactly that type of project – its fresh approach to the obsolete betting scheme and high reliability have led to the great reputation among players all around the world.

OneHash  Review & Rating

What makes this bitcoin casino top-of-the-line one? Undoubtedly, it’s a customer-oriented approach. The site’s functionality is practical and convenient, bets are easy to place, payouts are out-fronted, multiplying coefficients are transparent. You don’t have to lose your time on registration or instructions reading, the motto of OneHash casino is “fast n’ fair”. It’s not even a casino within word’s meaning – OneHash is more like a web resource for sports, games, politics bettors, who want to compete with each other and gain money for their discernment.

Things that indicate the platform’s quality and reliability are the opinions of its users and third-party experts. It is revealing that every single OneHash review assures readers of the sustainability of this resource and approves the fact that there are high chances to win real money. Still, we will operate facts, not opinions in this article – read further to get acquainted with the site’s features and actual potentials for regular users.

OneHash  Review & Rating


OneHash has put itself on the map in 2014 ahead of the headlined FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Beside from iconic football event, this year was also memorable for the Bitcoin owners, as soon as BC has surpassed the $900 value. Unique features of cryptocurrencies made them a nice substitute for real money, and gamblers understood this fact faster than anyone else – crypto casinos were popping up every single day. Notwithstanding, a few of them became popular, and even less saved confidence of their players, as OneHash managed to.

OneHash  Review & Rating

At first sight, the OneHash site is a well-made minimalistic platform, which declares itself as a blockchain casino from the very beginning. The main page shows the trending bets so that every bettor can have a look at the hottest events, see the multiplying coefficient of each betting option and finally put some Bitcoin parlay on the most probable outcome. Such interface design is a good pick — attracted visitors are involved in the gambling process from the first seconds of scrolling.

OneHash  Review & Rating

Overall, the whole concept of the site is oriented to quickness. There is no slow-coming registration or email confirmation. The OneHash sign up is a simple site opening — you don’t need to remember passwords or logins from your account because all previous session data is stored in the browser of your device, which is another reason, why players prefer this platform to the others. To put a bet, all players needs is a BC wallet – they place some stake on the result which they believe will win, and, as soon as the event’s outcome becomes known, they gain money or give them to the other players, depending on one’s luck.

Another interesting characteristic of OneHash is the reframing of the traditional gaging system. Instead of competing with the site, you and your winning depend only upon other users. Multiplier or benefit coefficient isn’t stable. It varies according to the amount of cryptocurrency placed on each choice and event overall. Less possible events promise higher profit and vice versa. There is no more “huge Evil Corporation”, which borrows your money when you lose. Instead, your main competitors are other gamblers. OneHash takes only 5% of the money you transacted, which is an absolute minimum when compared with the other platforms.

All in all, the OneHash site stands out from the pile of other bookmaker’s offices and gambling sites not only because of the pleasant uncluttered design, but also thanks to the twenty-four seven administrator’s support, the simplicity of joining in, the absence of burdensome details and plenty of stuff to bet upon. OneHash has already conquered Europe and America, thousands of players are visiting this site daily, and we’re sure, as soon as you try winning Bitcoins on OneHash, you’ll become one of the constant site’s users too.


Designed to be typical bitcoin casino, OneHash had a few options for the betting, which were all connected with sports (football, motorsports, basketball, hockey etc.), however, soon its owners have realized the impropriety of this principle. More and more sections were added. Now users could have disputed about the outcomes of political debates, boxing matches, gaming tournaments and even values of currencies.

Today, when you visit a site, you see an impressive list of options for betting in a neat menu on the left part of the screen. There you can find common events like tennis or baseball matches, as well as tournaments in DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and a bunch of other computer games. Such diversity of choices makes OneHash a universal platform both for experienced and young bettors – everyone finds something for their taste in this crypto casino.

OneHash  Review & Rating

Except betting possibilities, the OneHash site acquired the form of more familiar blockchain casino when gamblings were introduced. Such games as Dice, Markets, traditional Slots and Moon allow users to spend their time waiting for the event’s result with profit. For instance, when playing Moon, you can multiply your money score up to 1000 times. Simple and entertaining, they don’t acquire any prognoses, whilst their winnings happen on-the-fly. These games are a nice respite from the real money bettings.

OneHash  Review & Rating


Apart from already mentioned unique features, OneHash has even more wonderful aspects to impress its visitors. For example, unlike many other crypto casinos, this platform ceased to use the principle of minimum bet. Now, if you’re willing to try your luck on a low-probability outcome of some event, you’re free to place any amount of money. This way, the loss wouldn’t be that painful while victory will bring you sufficient amount of money (thanks to the high bet coefficient). Be sure that betting on the OneHash site will never leave your wallet empty.

Another needless-to-mention feature of this platform is anonymity and security. Your transactions and operations are protected via the mechanisms of the blockchain technology – the site doesn’t collect any personal information of its users.

OneHash  Review & Rating

Finally, to bring a pinch of fun, users are allowed to propose their own betting ideas. Whether you want to bring into view some forgotten loud event, or you’re simply willing to have a lark with your colleagues or family members, you can always write to the site’s support or create your own inner contention. Make your own totalizator and engage your friends. It’s a great way to amuse a company (and easily earn some Bitcoins, of course).

OneHash  Review & Rating

Bonus Offers & Promotions

It is always pleasant to accept presents and bonuses from bc casinos, and many gambling sites propose millions of dollars and huge multipliers for the newbies. A golden rule here is “the bigger pledges are, the less you’re going to gain”. OneHash, on the contrary, doesn’t promise beginners to get the moon on a stick, yet, those are still pretty nice offer for them. New members of OneHash family get guaranteed a 100% bonus in addition to their first deposit (it is fair to mention that there is an adequate limitation in 1 BTC). It’s a nice stimulus to join OneHash casino, moreover, you can be sure that the site isn’t going to fool you.

OneHash induces players to invite their friends to the bettings. There is a constantly functioning Affiliates Program, which makes it possible for you to gain Bitcoins every time your invited friend places a bet on some event. First 10 bets will have an impact on your own score and 50% of bet sums would be duplicated into your wallet. The math is simple – the more people will follow your inviting link, the more Bitcoins you’ll get! As usual, no registration is required neither for you nor for your friends.

OneHash  Review & Rating


New casino means new risks. There are many examples of fraudful slot sites, which may freeze your account without any explanations, or even illegally assign your money. Before playing any game on a new site, take some time to do researches on this platform. There are hundreds of forums and boards, where experienced players respond to your questions, settle down or warn you.

OneHash  Review & Rating

Talking about OneHash reviews, platform’s reputation is crystal clear. Surfing the Internet, you won’t find any fraud charges, bad commentaries or cries for help. Administration of the site makes everything possible to solve every sharp situation or players’ problems. Here you, your money and your private information are absolutely safe from leaks or intruders.

The main problem players meet is a long-term Bitcoin transaction, yet, there’s no site’s fault. Long operations time is a well-known cryptocurrency issue, and there’s no really efficient solution except to increase miner’s commission, as soon as the system of transaction validation automatically chooses the operations with the highest commission. The time, which takes to pay you the winning, might range from 15 minutes up to 12 hours, in the worst case. Feel free to write to the support if you’ve faced some problems. Consultants are always there to help you.

Privacy & Policy

The site is trying to provide every player’s safety, yet, there are exceptional situations when there’s nothing administration can do. In this case, in OneHash “Terms of Use,” it is said that “Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall OneHash be liable for any special, incidental, direct, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever.”

Not very bright perspectives, right? Yet, it’s important to understand that for almost 5 years of site’s operation, there were no users’ data leaks. The technology of blockchain guarantees anonymity of transactions, moreover, your history of betting is stored only on your device, which almost wipes out the possibility of a negative outcome. Use it without apprehension – millions of other users have already approved OneHashes reliability.

Deposit & withdrawal

To open your own OneHash deposit, you simply need to sign up with your email and transfer some Bitcoins to your account on the site. New members are given a OneHash bonus. Check “Bonus Offers & Promotions” to learn about it.

OneHash  Review & Rating

There is nothing simpler than to get your money from the OneHash casino. When you place a bet, first of all, you send it to the overall event score. Whilst this procedure, you exchange crypto wallet keys with the site. If your prediction has won, the sum of money, multiplied by choices’ coefficient, will be automatically sent to your wallet. Withdrawals are guaranteed, yet, may take some time to transfer. It’s a common problem.

Bottom line

OneHash is a well-made mutual betting platform that allows betting in Bitcoin. Simple and profitable, it gained a reputation of a highly reliable gambling site. While playing here, you may not be afraid of data links of money theft. It’s a slot site, which past the test of time.

Many users ask whether this service if trustworthy, is there a OneHash scam proof? The answer is “yes”. Millions of regular users can confirm this statement. The security is double-checked with the usage of blockchain mechanism and the principle of data storage only on player’s device.

Constant support, reliable service and dozens of options to bet on make OneHash a perfect all-age betting platform, where you may find not only football matches but also famous e-sports championships. No registration is a nice bonus for people who appreciate their time.

Scroll, place a bet and win – as simple as plain sailing. Visit to spend an amazing time winning Bitcoins!

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