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Nicehash Alternatives You Cannot Afford to Miss

Nicehash Alternatives You Cannot Afford to Miss

The money printing in dollars, pounds, euros, and other common currencies is controlled by the government and central banks. Increasing the money supply is performed in order to enhance the economic situation of the country.  It’s a criminal offense for ordinary people to be engaged in such a serious procedure. Cryptocurrencies are birds of other feathers. Mining (which is compared to paper money printing) is legal, and a gazillion of ways exist to fruitfully mine cryptocurrencies.

The early devotees of blockchain assets mined bitcoins all alone. But at the end of 2010, the first mining pool appeared. Cryptocurrency mining that includes letting out and renting equipment issues in order to generate new blocks of virtual money has become a profitable affair.

Nicehash is probably one of the oldest crypto mining software. It had once been the top-of-the-line and highly-demanded among users. This platform showcases a wide selection of trading and intermediary services. On the Nicehash, you can sell or buy massive computing power, with payment after the work is done. Actually, Nicehash is the largest crypto-mining marketplace.

Not that long ago it met hacker attack at about 4000 BTC or something about 60 million dollars. The hack has seriously stirred the global pot. Even after this, NiceHash still demonstrates its professionalism and excellence.

However, Nicehash is not a single market player.

This article covers the best platforms that are available for your ceaseless investigation of crypto coins mining.

Nicehash Alternatives You Cannot Afford to Miss

Alternatives to Nicehash are not a needle in a haystack

Given the significant number of Nicehash rivals out there, it takes a little while to find that very mining service that fits an individual’s needs.

We’ve arranged a broad list of the top requested mining services and embraced theirs for and against points in order to facilitate your assortment investigations.

It’s more properly to divide our list into 2 logical parts:

  • The portals that support Windows only. They fit best for the beginners to get the knack of the industry nuances
  • The portals covering the needs of almost all operating systems that fit best for experienced users.

Comprehensible alternatives to Nicehash or Windows users’ vistas


Kryptex is an awesome solution for beginners coveting to dip their toes into crypto mining waters with almost no efforts.

An exciting Windows-based tool, which uses the smart sensor in its hardware customized to analyze the customer’s potential profit on a daily and monthly basis. You can fear not concerning part of the mining management process. The platform has a very convenient interface.

A big disadvantage of this software is that it does not support cloud mining.


Launching Computta is not rocket science and doesn’t require being a tech-savvy fellow. As long as you can run your computer you are apt to earn some interest from the mining process while using Computta.

Computta’s two-phase mining options completely eliminate mining convolution. In order to start mining, you simply have to tap the app’s Auto Pilot. What is really great, the app converts all the digital assets you earned into Bitcoin and highlights your balance in USD.

The limitation of OS’ coverage may seem like a hefty disadvantage, it’s only applicable to Windows users.

Honey Miner

This is a Windows app that boasts a more profitable approach to cryptocurrency mining. It provides software to automatically detect the most lucrative coin for being mined. After getting a coveted altcoin, you can hassle-freely convert it to BTC. The integrated calculator allows you to define the potential income.

Unlike other similar apps, Honey Miner only requires you to create a valid email address in order to start the mining journey. It completely facilitates mining per se, redefining it as a mainstream option. It’s an exuberant fountain of passive income.

Considering Honey Miner’s youth, it still lacks several essential customer features like diagrams.

Better Hash

The spotlight of Better Hash is to provide miners with accessibility, making the mining process a trivial one to everyone having a computer.

A short while ago, the Better Hash’s team run innovative user-friendly software which definitely lures both mining fledglings and zealous experts. Among coins to mine, you can find BTG, XMR, ZEC, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum.

When setting up Better Hash app the first thing being noticed is a sheer simplicity of surfing by it. The same approach is carried while mining as it boasts just a few comprehensive steps turning the overall process a sea breeze. Comprehensive steps don’t mean that app caters to only newbies’ needs. The app fits sophisticated users as well. Furthermore, the software is free to use and is no pain to your pocket as it charges no fees for the mining options, this way making it one of the best similar apps out there.

An app’s toolkit is only designed with the novices in mind, it doesn’t cover the experienced users need for advanced features.

Embracing other operational systems


Every layman can start mining with MinerGate.

The key advantage of the platform is that it supports crypto king Bitcoin and about 14 other attractive digital currencies.

Upon every other point, the platform transfers all the crypto earned directly to your wallet, so no worries regarding the possible loss of your mined money.

Cudo Miner

CudoMiner is cross-platform mining software, which allows you to receive a profit thanks to the rich multi-algorithm toolkit, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is designed to make possible switchings between the most fruitful crypto coins to empower your hardware with ceaseless performance. The software can be downloaded and installed quite easily and can only be used after creating an account. For experienced miners, there is a possibility of manual optimization of the equipment for a particular coin that guarantees users of getting the most lucrative returns of their investments.

Farewell note

Nicehash Alternatives You Cannot Afford to Miss

Each of the abovementioned platforms allures various miners. It’s crucial to rigorously estimate any of these mining platforms before optimizing it for your daily requests.

Now that you know about several options available, you only have to make a decision. Although it is not necessary to set up a mining farm with a large number of miners having these programs in your arsenal, it is vitally important that your computer meets high standards in order to avoid damage and, in particular, to win big.


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