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Modern look at Bitcoin Lotteries and Crypto Keno

Introducing Crypto Keno

Hello, gamer! If you have found yourself here, there’s a high probability you’re already familiar with the notion of Bitcoin Keno, or Crypto Keno if you wish. This sort of digital entertainment has become blatantly popular with game addicts throughout the interwebs, diversifying the gameplay and giving the freedom of pastime versatility. If you feel 100% relatable and are super tired of Bitcoin bingo and Bitcoin lottery, then keep reading!

Modern look at Bitcoin Lotteries and Crypto Keno

The History of Crypto Keno

Can you believe that keno is considered one of the oldest games in the whole wide world? You may laugh all you want, but some people believe keno to be nearly 3000 years old! There’s a theory that says keno first appeared during the reign of the Han Dynasty and even served as a prototype of the modern fundraising model. Of course, the game has changed since then, giving way to crypto keno that occupies a decent place among the rest of Bitcoin Lotteries. Now, let’s move on to the rules of the game, but first, you should be aware of the seeming differences between the encrypted keno and the regular one.

How is Crypto Keno Different from Its Traditional Lookalike?

Just like with the regular version of the odd, crypto keno is game of numbers, where you are supposed to choose a set of numbers, and the system will pick the winning numbers at random. The process is similar to Bitcoin bingo with the exception that there are no letters, only numbers. Plus, in case of keno, not necessarily you should be following a certain pattern – this is one of its advantages, for sure. You will also be offered more combinations to play. The next stop on our journey into the basics of the electronic keno.

Modern look at Bitcoin Lotteries and Crypto Keno

Learning to Play Crypto Keno – Easy Steps to Success

Bitcoin Keno is a variation of Bitcoin Lotteries that combine easy-to-grasp rules with more than satisfactory rewards. Maybe that’s why this game is so coveted – it is a nice endeavor to practice whether you play for jackpot or entertainment. But first things first, you have to learn the rules. All in all, you are able to master the game basics in three steps. Here they are:

1. Define the wagering terms

Prior to the game start, you are supposed to bit with your e-coins. Considering the pace of Bitcoin lotteries, we are anticipating the possibility to bet with altcoins; by far, you can only rely on Bitcoin betting. Feel free to wiggle the bet size as you fancy, just keep in mind that it should not exceed the maximum bet size or fall under the lower limit of the platform where you play. Some gamblers are big on placing big bets as soon as they enter the game, driven by the desire to maximize the prospective winning. In case you enter the race with a modest budget, consider placing your wagers below the mark “Max.”

2. State your spots

After you have defined the wagering terms, proceed to select your spots. In the majority of cases, Crypto Keno boards consist of 80 numbers with 15 to 20 of them available for selection. It is up to you whether to select the entirety of spots or not; just keep in mind that the more spots you pick, the higher the reward will be. On the other hand, the odds of winning will be lower. In order to set the marks on your spots, you need to click on the numbers you fancy.

3. Fingers crossed and hope to win

As soon as the spots are selected and the wagers are placed, hit the Play button and see how lucky you are. Sure, the reward will be higher if you match more drawn numbers, but still, winning is winning. Good luck to you, a fan of Bitcoin Lotteries!

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