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Mobile Crypto Mining: What it actually is?

Alternative Way to Get Digital Coins

Mobile Crypto Mining: What it actually is?

The e-coins benefits can be talked for as long as we can. The stable high popularity of cryptocurrency naturally increasing the progressive development of various ways for its extraction. Unfortunately, the complexity of the process and the technical capacities for mining significantly limit digital gold hunters. The first and biggest brick wall for mining beginners is expensive equipment. That is why the interest of the miners does not subside in the search for alternative ways of mining cryptocurrency. The main criteria of the device are computational capability, network access, and easy handling characteristics. It’s not a secret that smartphones are an integral part of modern human life. Crypto miners pushed the boundaries of mobile phone capabilities and found a way to use the full potential of the device for mining crypto coins. Actually, this method is not a great opportunity to get plum digital money, but it has a number of advantages. Mobile mining is widely popular despite the fact that the computing potential of these devices is extremely limited. In the modern world, it is not necessary to have super-powered PC or expensive mining rigs. Let’s consider an alternative way of mining using mobile capabilities. Unlike traditional mining, where the computing power of the PC or a special ASIC device is used, mobile mining has a number of special characteristics and features.

Before you start mining, you should make sure of the profitability of this activity. The bottom line must bear your entire set of efforts and time costs.

How to Equip Your Phone?

Mobile Crypto Mining: What it actually is?

The constantly growing assortment of mining applications also has a positive effect on the popularity of mobile mining. New programs are being improved by developers so that miners receive digital coins faster, more conveniently, and more efficiently in their crypto-wallets. Among the abundance of the assortment, we would like to highlight two advanced applications for various operating systems.

1. MinerGate is one of the most popular mining solutions for both iOS and Android. This platform is the so-called specialized mining pool that supports the operation of multiple devices to achieve one goal. One of the main missions of the pool is to distribute the activity between users for cooperative production with higher efficiency. This allows users to receive a proportional reward for cracking high complex cryptographic algorithms even with poor equipment.

Surfing this application is simple for newbies due to its comprehensive interface. In order to start using the platform, you need to go through registration, which will take less than 2 minutes. The pool supports many cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, Bytecoin, BDash, etc. Also, a wide range of settings allows you to limit the use of resources for different battery status or lack of network.

2. NeoNeonMiner. Android enthusiasts have a wider range of mining applications than iOS. NeoNeonMiner is a mining multi-algorithm program. However, in contrast to MinerGate, the user is not tied to a certain pool and must make an independent search for a cooperation service with other crypto miners. The application is simple and convenient to use. It should be noted that antivirus software sometimes identifies a program as malware. This is due to the advertising banner ads, which cannot be disabled.

In order to master the skill of digital coin mining, you need to address the technical equipment nuances. Experienced developers, given the current demand for these services, create high-grade applications that maximize the smartphone mining process. Thanks to the above-mentioned applications, you can mine cryptocurrency on modern mobile devices or tablets. But it’s necessary to take into account that such devices need regular use of the battery charger since the suspension of the new crypto blocks generation is unacceptable. To implement the idea of mobile mining, you have to lash out on the following components:

  • Great performance smartphone model;
  • High-speed internet access;
  • Providing regular charging of the battery or constant power supply;
  • Technical support of the device due to the extremely rapid wear of overloaded elements;
  • Advanced antivirus software with the capabilities to detect and destroy frauds.

How to Shake the Cryptocurrency Money Tree?

Mobile Crypto Mining: What it actually is?

To summarize and make a cold evaluation of mobile mining, this is not the best way to make big bucks. However, the main purpose of such a type of mining is not to make a profit. This method is a great opportunity to try a hand in cryptocurrency mining for newbies. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the main advantages and disadvantages.

On the positive side, it is necessary to emphasize the ability to support many algorithms. You can start mining on your smartphone not only well-known Bitcoin but also any other crypto coin. So, for example, it would be easy to start mining BDash or Monero on your phone. Generally, mobile mining is used for the purpose of familiarization with crypto activities. The users have an opportunity to resolve the questions such as: what is the basic principle of the pools? How to use a digital wallet? What are the mysteries of the mining process? Therein lies the fundamental concept of crypto mining.

As for the disadvantages, the main one is the lack of profit opportunities. Despite the abundance of cryptocurrency support, the production of digital coins using a smartphone is intended for familiarization with activities. The unprofitability of mobile mining lies in the stranded cost of the equipment. The device will quickly fail to function since the smartphone is designed for less scale loads and does not have a cooling system.

You decided to become the owner of the digital coin, but do not know how to start with minimum investment? If you are a beginner miner, or just want to try your hand at the crypto space, mobile mining is a great opportunity to meet your goal.


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