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Graphic of Vite coin price. Dynamics of costs VITE online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price VITE. Maximal value of price Vite was 0.02833$ - 2021-01-21 08:00:12, Minimal price of VITE was 0.0121$ value and fixed at 2021-01-07 21:00:12. Today price of Vite is : 0$

Vite is a generalised decentralized application platform that meets the requirements of industrial applications for high throughput, low latency and scalability while taking into account security. Vite uses DAG ledger structure, and transactions in ledgers are grouped by accounts. The Snapshot Chain structure in Vite can make up for the lack of security of the DAG ledger. The HDPoS consensus algorithm, through which writing and confirming of transactions are asynchronous, provides high performance and scalability. The Vite VM is compatible with EVM, and the smart contract language extended from Solidity, providing more powerful ability of description. In addition, an important improvement in Vite design is the adoption of a asynchronous Event Driven Architecture, which transmits information through messages between smart contracts, which greatly improves system throughput and scalability. In addition to built-in native tokens, Vite also supports users to issue their own digital assets, and also provides cross chain value transfer and exchange based on Loopring Protocol [1]. Vite realizes resource allocation by quotas, and light users do not have to pay transaction fees. Vite also supports contract scheduling, name service, contract update, block pruning and other features.

Vite Code Review: Decentralized App Platform

VITE proposes a roadmap of its product until Feb 2019 after which the group would start focusing on ecosystem development in Vite. The Vite consumer features an engine for creating HTML5-based decentralized mini applications.

The Idea and the Team Behind Vite

We hope that the team will launch additional info and clarify their goals and business plan. According to their whitepaper Vite is a excessive efficiency platform that will enable the event of quite a lot of decentralized processes and functions. The team has not elaborated on any marketing strategy or industrial functions, they have acknowledged that the platform will make the tip-to-finish system for value switch possible. Thus Vite platform will be a foundation for future dApps, and a decentralized change that helps digital asset issuance and cross-chain value transmission.

ViteX Fees

As acknowledged above, Vite makes use of the HDPoS as a consensus mannequin, which according to them will make the most of at least 25 nodes in the Snapshot Consensus Group. On the upper scale Vite competes with initiatives which are valuated at $300M or extra, with Iota having $3.2B and on the decrease spectrum they go against initiatives like Fantom and Constellation with $30M or extra in fund raises. Thus Vite goes extra towards the decrease of the hierarchy, having the lowest valuation of all projects. Vite leverages an Asynchronous Architecture and the DAG ledger expertise to bring to life a strong, subsequent era high-performance decentralized utility platform that foresees the birth of blockchain

While this approach’s advantage lies in a double spend scenario falling on the accountability of solely the person (and reduces the potential of a second department of blocks), it also means that each customers should be online in order to make a transaction. By altering the linear ledger to a nonlinear ledger that information only partial order relations, it should speed up transactions. Vite has a variety of strategic companions and traders, including Loopring, a decentralized change protocol and automated execution system built on Ethereum.

But Fantom is using Scala language for good contracts so Ethereum Dapps usually are not suitable with Fantom. Decentralized software platforms are a dime a dozen in the meanwhile and all it’s going to take for a venture to steal the show is a brilliant quick, scalable, high capacity platform that permits developers to develop the applications simply. The problem is that the entire competitors are fighting over the same features with small innovations right here and there.

Network is using Proof-of-Stake with masternodes, which eliminates the necessity for a massive power consumption. Vite is a decentralized platform for event creation, promotion, and ticket sales. Vite events and tickets are verified by way of sensible contracts on the Ethereum blockchain decreasing promotion prices as well as the prevalence of counterfeit tickets.

The record of investors and help from advisors appears quiet impressive, therefore we consider this help will certainly assist the Vite team efficiently accelerate through their roadmap goals. On the draw back we do not like the fact that documentation is simply overlaying the technical side of the project. There is not any marketing strategy nor a lot clarification on the use circumstances of the token. Overall, we really feel that Vite has a excessive chance the convey impressive multipliers within the quick-term largely because of the fact that all of the capital might be raised during non-public and strategic rounds, subsequently leaving a lot of room for unmet demand. The hype for the project is excessive, and plenty of cryptocurrency YouTubers and influencers are overlaying Vite via their channels, largely leaving a constructive outlook on the project.

Vitecrypto review

Confirmation occurs within seconds and there are zero transaction charges. Users also can exchange their steadiness from the wallet to the ViteX exchange simply.

Users can choose to stake VITE tokens so as to earn quota, which is used for transactions to avoid having to run PoW. This course of, however, doesn’t reward users with Vite, simply quota.

Vite’s aim is to develop a reactive blockchain with a message-driven, asynchronous structure and DAG-based ledger. On the opposite hand, VitTokens are additionally used as incentives for node participation, growing the liquidity of the token, which in turn dilutes these advantages.

About VITE

Vitecrypto review

In regards to the challenge impact within the space, it has gained plenty of attention particularly because of the airdrop that was announced as a part of the group distribution of tokens to the challenge supporters, in absence of a crowdsale. There are not any info regarding the private sale minimal investments, however the tokens are locked up for 5 months, with 20% token tranches being launched per 30 days. The staff has a number of people that stand out in the business space, corresponding to Richard Yan, who has in depth expertise within the financial sector working for top companies similar to Two Sigma and Goldman Sachs. The advisory board supplements the lacking experience in the business sector, bringing value from many areas of expertise, together with blockchain investment funds.

Vitecrypto review

Its expertise improves on current options in the blockchain ecosystem, such because the ledger construction and consensus algorithm. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, Vite can present a decentralized event internet hosting and ticket distribution community.

Terence Lam is a veteran investor, graduating from Harvard Business School, and he’s a associate and investor at Zhizi Blockchain investment fund. He has greater than 20 years of experience as a senior technical manager at Global 500 companies.

  • Additionally, the Vite platform focuses particularly on scalability and intends to realize it through the usage of a brand new consensus algorithm referred to as HDPoS and cross-chain gateways and good contracts.
  • The Vite team is comprised of 7 individuals of their core staff and advisors, all having a great background in terms of blockchain and investments.
  • VITE says that there will be an airdrop (token distribution to varied wallets) and that they will announce the structure to be adopted quickly.
  • Confirmation occurs inside seconds and there are zero transaction fees.
  • That is, each transaction solely changes the state of one single account.
  • These Snapshot Blocks are issued by a bunch of delegated nodes after Delegated Proof of Stake (DPos) consensus.
  • As stated above the tokens may also be mortgaged and thus the quota obtain via this course of may be lent.
  • The hierarchical design of the consensus algorithm is alleged to permit horizontal scalability in consensus teams.
  • The ecosystem also offers HTML5-based decentralized mini- programs to simplify the method of DApp improvement and deployment.

In Vite’s whitepaper there’s detailed details about the necessity for a custom token in order to quantify platform computing and storage sources and encourage nodes to run. Vite makes use of the DAG structure, thus blockchain know-how is important so as to provide a quick, scalable, and safe cryptocurrency and a excessive throughput community that helps dApps. Vite is an open-source challenge and has made their code freely obtainable, for the Vite.internet (blockchain explorer) and go-vite (Go implementation of the Vite protocol), encouraging the open growth of the neighborhood. Despite the fact that Vite received the majority of funding by way of the seed and private sale rounds they are nonetheless at improvement stage.

The Loopring-based protocol helps digital asset issuance, cross-chain worth transmission, and inter-token transactions. It offers twin-authorization know-how to prevent preemptive transactions.

The platform then helps you to invest the spare change you acquire from every buy in Cryptocurrency. All this takes place automatically, once your deal is executed. The servers of decentralized exchanges normally unfold out across the globe.

The token’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ended round August 1, and raised about $28 million. VITE says that there will be an airdrop (token distribution to various wallets) and that they’ll announce the structure to be followed soon.


Vitecrypto review

Vite’s founder, Chunming Liu (Charles), was previously a senior architect at, as well as the co-founding father of Coinport. He has vast experience in blockchain, distributed systems, and excessive concurrency methods.

The tokens will allow the processing transactions, operating good contracts and rewards for varied contributions to the network. As said above the tokens can be mortgaged and thus the quota acquire through this course of may be lent.

He has a bachelor’s in automation from the University of Science and Technology of China and a master’s in computer software and principle from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Every 24 hours, an uncertain amount of at least 10 VITE could be claimed. You might have an opportunity to get 1,000 VITE tokens(~$ one hundred) at most.


The core team consists of, ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Google and ex-HBS among others. Additionally, there is alongside list of VC/PEs who have invested in VITE already which embrace Bitmain, OK Blockchain Capital, Byzantine Partners etc. Transactions in VITE can be grouped by accounts and ship transactions are separated from obtain transactions, thereby obviating the need to anticipate a transfer to be full before the initiation of one other transaction.

Vitecrypto review


Vitecrypto review

Companies and individuals can create events, purchase, and sell tickets by way of unforgeable cryptographic VITE tokens. By decentralizing occasion promotion, Vite considerably decreases the cost associated with occasion marketing and promotion in addition to the buying and promoting of tickets. Second, the writing and verification of a transaction additionally happen asynchronously in Vite.

Graduated from China University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Former senior architect of, co-founding father of Coinport, and engineering director of Meituan Dianping.

Vitecrypto review

The project could be legit, but I am not getting the texture it is, or no less than that it wants the blockchain. Thinking Vite is simply making an attempt to lift off the crypto hype. Third, calls between contracts may even happen asynchronously in Vite. The calls between good contracts in Ethereum are applied by way of messaging (aka insider transactions); and the calls either all succeed or all fail, as per an atomic ACID semantic.

ViteX Review

Liu is a veteran on the blockchain business and has intensive experience with distributed systems. Leo Zhang is the co-founder of Vite and a Senior Technical Expert. The ViteX change was launched only 1 month in the past and offers true decentralization. Private keys are stored regionally, which signifies that solely you could have access to them. ViteX has a high transaction throughput, sooner than almost another decentralized change out there.

The whitepaper is clearly aimed at folks with tech expertise, however it accommodates snapshots of how essential elements of the community work, with detailed diagrams, that’s easy to know for non-tech viewers. There is a straightforward roadmap out there, however further information on the staff is on the market on the website.

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