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Genesis Mining Features, Benefits, and Pitfalls

Genesis Mining Features, Benefits, and Pitfalls

When cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts were spending thousands of dollars on rigs, Genesis Mining offered them a new way to mine crypto. Since 2013, the company expanded its cloud mining offers and is now one of the most reliable and profitable cloud-mining platforms. The extensive technical team ensures the online mining operation stability that secures customer loyalty and upholds the company’s high rating with thousands of positive reviews.

With Genesis Mining, you can mine crypto without the need to waste money on equipment and your time on lengthy setup. Instead, you can rent a small Bitcoin mining operation in the cloud and get instant results. Cloud mining is the best way to earn Bitcoin if you have no idea how to start earning in the blockchain industry.

How to Make the Most Out of Genesis Mining Features

Genesis Mining Features, Benefits, and Pitfalls

Genesis Mining boasts unique offers you won’t find on any other cloud-mining platforms. The benefits you can reap off include:

  • The most successful mining pool combination to beat the cryptocurrency exchange rate volatility. Besides Bitcoin mining, you can earn Zcash, Monero, Ethereum, DASH, and Litecoin.
  • Stable long-term income throughout the length of the two-year-long contracts. You can also opt for a five-year-long plan as a sure way to earn Bitcoin and make a profit.
  • Maintenance-free plans for Litecoin, Zcash, and Monero online mining to preserve the investment budget. Other cryptocurrency mining plans come with small mandatory maintenance charges that are deducted from your earnings automatically.
  • Customizable hash rate plans for all cryptocurrencies tailored to meet your investment needs. If none of the three available packages suit your cloud mining needs, you can contact the support team to request a custom order.
  • Zero chance of losing online mining time with a 100% uptime guarantee. Your mining pool is redirected to another data center the moment the operation shuts down in case of a security breach or an emergency.

How to Join Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining Features, Benefits, and Pitfalls

If you are wondering how to start earning with cloud-mining platforms, the answer is simple. The only thing you need is an account. To sign up, you’ll need an active email and a strong password; no credit card data is necessary at this stage. Activate your account, and you are ready to join the cloud mining crew. Learn how to start earning, select a cryptocurrency or two, find the suitable plan and transfer the funds. Your mining pool will start crunching numbers as soon as your payment is processed. Whenever you need an update on your results, log into your account. One glance at the dashboard will provide an overview of the Bitcoin mining progress and earnings.

With multiple outstanding Genesis Mining features, this platform might be the most reliable way to earn Bitcoin, but its popularity may cause trouble. Considering the growing cloud mining demand, the company fails to increase the processing power of the data centers in time. As a result, some cryptocurrency mining plans might be unavailable. You’ll need to check in regularly to catch a chance to mine crypto with Genesis Mining, but the trouble will be worth it.

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