Feathercoin Overview

Feathercoin, or FTC, has become a new online hit since the day it was released. In as little as two weeks, Feathercoin has managed to attract more users than other altcoins did in the past. FTC is somehow similar to Litecoin, its forerunner, but when it comes to speed and ease of use, LTC is left far behind. We all know that Bitcoin is a progenitor of all now-existing cryptocurrencies. Not only has its continuous development led to the apparition of altcoins, if also affected the functioning of the blockchain.

BTC was powered by the SHA-256 algorithm, deemed pretty fast back at the time. Nowadays, the technology is developing at an accelerated pace; newer versions of algorithms emerge, so Bitcoin seems to lose its exclusivity. FTC uses Scrypt, which stands for a key derivation feature, protected by a password. Perhaps, the #1 upside of this modern algorithm is the way it facilitates the usage of crypto coins by the non-initiated. In brief, Feathercoin has widened its audience by showing ordinary people that making financial operations with virtual assets is easy. The very idea of using e-money sounds strange to the majority, and thus, not many people dare to dig deeper and learn about its benefits. FTC has eliminated this problem and proved there’s no need to hesitate.

Substitute, Not Compete

Still, why has Feathercoin hit the market so quickly? Well, the answer is proper branding. FTC introduced itself as a decent alternative to some crypto coins (which are most difficult to use), rather than a competitor. Feathercoin is not meant to outperform Litecoin, quite the opposite – it can expand the range of benefits each cryptocurrency has to offer.

Could it be any more popular?

Because FTC is a market newcomer, it has had little time to reach the level of other cryptocurrencies. However, the number of already emitted coins has already exceeded several million. In addition to that, there are many mining pools, and Feathercoins are slowly taking over LTC. Considering the competition of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it seems that Feathercoin is a way to go.

All in all, if you’re determined to give FTC a shot and use it for gambling purposes, there won’t be any troubles. This coin keeps gaining its momentum thanks to the up-to-date features, bright future prospects, and discernible ways for improvement. Whereas others do not dare to drop their biases, be the first to discover all Feathercoin’s benefits.

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