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Everything you need to know about bitcoin mining with your own computer

Everything you need to know about bitcoin mining with your own computer

Ever dreamt of having your own typewriter for printing money? The real money, not those tickets from the joke shops. Mining cryptocurrencies almost literally allows you to make money without back-breaking labor. Fair enough, professional equipment is crazy expensive, but almost everyone has a tiny domestic mining farm – their own computer. How to set it up in order to get money for you around the clock, and is such a game worth its salt?

Mining is extremely technical – have you already investigated all the possible sorts of related terms? If you are already aware of Bitcoin mining glossary, it’s high time to move on!

A comprehensive guide is here to reveal the cutting-edge ways of how to mine bitcoin on PC

Though it may seem unlikely, specific bitcoin mining software still exists to encourage users to get Bitcoin applying a personal computer for mining issues. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that the process of mining Bitcoin on your desktop is not that speedy, yet it’s still one of the most common courses on the road of Bitcoin earning.

As you can see, mining complexity is growing with seven-mile steps and a few years ago you could earn magnific sums on your home PC, but the cost of bitcoin and altcoins was starkly different. Trying to compete with the mining equipment designed for this specific purpose is quite challenging, so we’re going to introduce you multifarious ways concerning this issue.

Read on the guide and by its end you feel like a pro at setting up your pc to mine both Bitcoin and altcoins. Being scrupulous and contemplative you can elicit the most from mining bitcoins on your domestic equipment. We’ll also guide you through decent explications of how to keep your desktop cool and operate properly.

Details you need to cover first or quick guide on how to mine bitcoin on PC

Before starting to conquer the blockchain peak, we all need to investigate theoretics on how to mine bitcoin on pc. Here’s the checklist of important issues:

Desktop or Laptop – any computer type works well: even the desktop which you have found upstairs, lying under a heavy layer of dust.  Although, special gaming PCs are furnished with upscale GPU. That’s optimal but not compulsory. Your computer should have no less than 30 GB of free space and a super-powerful processor in order to install mining software and all the required wallets. The effectiveness of mining on a domestic PC principally depends on the characteristics of the video card. Mining is not that story of fix-it-yourself construction endeavors. Investigating technical landscape, set your eyes on Nvidia and AMD, if you have sufficient resources.

Operating system – the mining software should run based on a computer’s operating system. Microsoft’s pure operating system from XP to Windows 7/8/10 works well. Choose a 64-bit OS, or a newer one. Mining runs with Linux or Mac as well. Some miners even find Linux option as greater and more convenient.

Sprightly Internet connection – bitcoin mining entails seamless access to the internet in order to perk up a blockchain. Frankly speaking, whatever internet connection fits for this specific purpose as bitcoin mining does not involve definite throughput performance.

Bitcoin wallet – every miner has to create a bitcoin wallet to keep their bitcoin mining income.

Software – as mining is all about solving overcomplicated math algorithms, specialized software is a must. The most recent software solutions allow miners to hassle-freely participate and boost their profit by using various switching methods. Keep reading, and while dipping your toes into the mining waters you’ll be surprised with shockingly simple solutions. Jumping ahead a bit, it will play into your hands if you install the software in order to keep an eye on heat levels as overheating damages graphic card.

Cooling – mining is a pretty labor-intensive task that demands computers to operate under continuing load. This may cause your PC run with excessive heating, so be thoughtful enough and supply your device with constant access to fresh air or air conditioning systems up close. This will provide you with an efficient and safe Bitcoin mining process.

How to mine Bitcoin on PC

Everything you need to know about bitcoin mining with your own computer

Many beginners, who are just exploring the possibility of mining on a laptop or computer, expect a lot of income from this process. First of all, newbies come across the information on how to start mining Bitcoin and Ethereum – the uppermost assets according to the capitalization, using a laptop. Undoubtedly, the profit from mining these coins is more than solid, however, in order to just start this process, users have to invest a lot of money by buying mining devices, covering electricity bills.

The complexity of mining BTC or ETH is incredibly high. The truth is that even the greatest equipment can hardly manage such a heavy load at a home-based mode.

We advise you to start with performing not that traditional bitcoin mining. The digital landscape is exuberant and is able to offer a gazillion of altcoins. Note that several altcoins are considered Bitcoin’s sheer contestants as they are extracted in the same route.

If you decide to go altcoins mining path you automatically boost the chance to get a decent profit since altcoins are a way much easier to run up.

A cherry on the latest software pie is that it’s designed to examine your PC’s hardware and test it to determine which crypto coins suit best to your device.

Once all the tests are undergone, the chosen software launches mining of the most fruitful crypto coins. Furthermore, after getting altcoins, the software is able to exchange it with bitcoins. As you see, this is a far more tremendous way to optimize your mining interest rather than working your way through thick bushes of bitcoin mining.

The most reliable software to skyrocket in bitcoin mining

Getting started the bitcoin mining process is not rocket science. After the registration process, you just have to strictly follow the instructions given at software mining theoretical materials.


Suits best for mining fledglings since it gently guides users through the entire setup process. All the potentially gordian terms are explained in laymen’s mode. This is a graphical user interface based on Windows 10 for mining. It can also be used with Mac or Linux but remember to apply supplementary software.


Do you consider yourself an advanced computer user? Then, CGMiner, based on Linux, is the right choice for you. Being written on the C programming language, CGMiner is friendly to most of the operating systems.


One of the most fruitful and user-friendly mining software. If you’re not tech-savvy, fear not. The program is tailored for laymen’s needs showcasing a comprehensive interface and features kit.

In a nutshell

Everything you need to know about bitcoin mining with your own computer

A few years ago, when cryptocurrencies did not showcase such a weight, crypto coins mining could be performed on almost any device. As of today, everything has changed: the number of miners has grown significantly, consequently, the complexity of mining.

To sum up, it’s fair to say that if you simply want to test the bitcoin mining waters, home mining is a great way to kick start and experience its ins and outs. But note, the profitability of mining is directly proportional to the processor power. To be efficient, learn more about ASIC miners, impressive computing powers designed especially for mining needs.


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