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Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating


1Games: Lottery
Features: jackpot, lottery, group SWEEP tokens, prize giveaways, fair play, smart contract, fiat currencies, 5-percent donations, live chat
Withdrawal & Fees: cryptocurrency wallets only

The Ethereum Sweepstakes Casino is the world’s first and the hugest jackpot and the odds platform. The place was made for developing decentralized applications. According to the review of 2018, it is the best blockchain sweepstakes. They present themselves as a type of smart contractors rather than a company and they gladly provide customers with the settled amount of prize bounty and Jackpot.

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating


Ethereum Sweepstakes is based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology which is 100% transparent and clear. We are accustomed to understanding that the blockchain is essentially based on people. But let’s look deeper. After all, the technology that is built in this particular project is not just people, but for people, it’s about producing honest and proper technology for people’s convenience. The technology of smart contract that is explained as the self-executing contracts which have the obligatory terms of an agreement made between the buyer and seller and directly written in the lines of the code.

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating


The game which is offered by the platform is Lottery with an average amount of Jackpot of $618,423,000 and a guaranteed chance of winning!

Comparing to other kinds of lotteries, for example governmental, this system announces the one and only jackpot winner, as well as the prize, won in BTC or in the equivalent of dollars and then, the amount of money can be automatically transferred to the winner.

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating


The company presents extraordinary jackpot, leading odds and the enormous quantity of prizes. According to the technology name, it is clear how this system works. This technology is considered the most reliable and provably fair in the world.

Bonus Offers and Promotions

The service has a very profitable affiliate program. To participate, you need to fill in the form given on the Ethereum Sweepstakes site with a description of your offer.

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating


Ethereum Sweepstakes Scam Policy is very strict. The developers of the platform take the process seriously. The technology is based on the smart contract, as a result, a maximum of four million sweep token entries can be sold and everyone will get the guaranteed jackpot. The system chooses the winner automatically.

The user can play either by himself or it is possible to choose a group play.

Privacy and Policy

Due to the fact that users register on the site aiming to learn the information or to participate in the games, the company has a right to collect all the required personal information concerning the newcomers in order to avoid fraud and leak of data. It is also done to increase the player’s chances to participate in a wide range of services or resources which the site could offer. If a user has a desire, he or she can also visit the site anonymously, without going through the registration and providing personal data. All the information that is collected from a visitor is usually collected on a voluntary basis. But then, the opportunities to be engaged in certain portal related activities could be downsized.

The information collected also may be of an impersonal nature. It can include the type of browser and even the type of computer as well as the international internet providers and the operating system.

The developers of the site also kindly warn that they use web-cookies just for record-keeping purposes. Users can either accept or refuse from using cookies.

All the types of personal data are collected for good purposes. The developers respect their customers so they do not miss a chance to always improve the services. They also try to understand how exactly the users get their experience while exploring this very site. Manufacturers are open to communication and comments, so they happily accept feedbacks on the platform and take into account every voice.

The players also have to understand that they must provide their personal data in order for the payments to be processed.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating

To participate in the program, the newcomers have to open the digital currency wallet, because they will have to send Ethers to receive further entries. Such kind of entries will take a form of so-called sweep token. The ordinary user can understand it as the type of blockchain equivalence for an entry ticket.

It is necessary to say that the portal has certain rules concerning the gas, which has a limit of no less than 25,000. The charges on gas have to be paid also. All the rules and regulations should be attentively studied in order not to miss extensive details which then can bother the comfortable staying on the portal.

The resource works with such payment systems as Visa, Master Card, and others.

It is important to note that such kind of wallets as MetaMask and Mist appraises the gas which is necessary for transactions.

Bottom Line

If you are a newbie in the world of crypto casinos, do not hesitate and try your fortune to win big! This is definitely worth a try. The system was developed by people and for people’s convenience based on the technology of smart contract. Try such an outstanding place with transparency and scam free policy and stop seeking. This is a ready-made and the most reliable service.

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