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Edgeless Casino Review & Rating

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The Edgeless casino is a Lithuania founded gambling platform. It’s an Ethereum blockchain casino that handles smart contracts via ERC-20 token. More to that, Edgeless issued the unique token EDG for the full-scale crypto casino accordance. However, it’s not quite a typical portal, as the house edge of Edgeless is 0%, while other brands provide 1-5% of this index. And when it goes to the winning formula, almost every Edgeless review claims that gambling skills make difference not the will of fortune. In 2018, Edgeless site was among one of the most frequented spots and had a good place in the rank. Let’s puzzle out the major features of this project.


The Edgeless platform was performed in 2018 and got to the rating of the leading casino portals. The Edgeless site Curacao license gives access to all players from around the world except several countries, including France, Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, and USA (if a customer doesn’t use VPN). The idea of this blockchain casino is to get rid of house edge, so now you know the origin of its name. In practice, the casino is verified by the blockchain technology, thus gamers can be sure that their achievements are grounded utterly with a non-biased method. Thanks to this, the service guarantees the transparency of the gameplay to the customers. Players can get the genuine gambling experience on this platform. Winnings and losses are the part of the process, but surely without luck, it’s hard enough to win a fortune.


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First of all, you should do is complete the signup graph and after a couple of minutes, you get the full set of Edgeless crypto games. The next thing you need is the Ether wallet to play all online games such as poker, blackjack, dice, baccarat, and crash. In case, you own Token.im, Jaxx.io, or Eidoo.io wallets you can also buy tokens or deposit your account. However, some slot fans can be disappointed as Edgeless is not a slot site. Probably this is the reason why the gambling site doesn’t have high positions in various rankings. But punters will enjoy the web place and use sportsbook for betting. Along with slots, this digital casino doesn’t support the lottery, roulette, and bingo, but there are enough games to have fun on the site.

Nevertheless, the size of the game assortment doesn’t play a crucial role, while the rate of house edge and fees are more significant in ranking. Edgeless proves the status of blockchain casino by providing bleeding edge technologies that save the fair-dealing and veracity of each gameplay result. Every player is able to regulate the betting process, simply turn on the Automatic or Manual betting mode. While playing dice, Random Number Generator function will run the game. If you keen on numbers and love math, try the twenty-one game (more popular as blackjack).


Most gamblers prefer staying anonymous, but to play and bet on the fair and secured platform. This crypto casino caters to the needs of its customers. Edgeless scam protection technology is completely built on blockchain basis; any member can check any operation that seems to be unclear or shady. Running of smart contracts goes parallel to the intrinsic gameplay, which is another evidence of Edgeless reliability.

The entire program of the bitcoin casino is flawless and we haven’t noticed any fails in functioning. You can use play crypto games using your smartphone, the service is available in a well-crafted mobile version, but they haven’t adjusted the iOS and Android app yet. Even though the gambling site operates smoothly online, the support team is ready to help you in the live chat window or send an e-mail.

Bonuses and promotions

Say the least of it, the Edgeless site stands out of other services. Users should definitely know the details of each Edgeless bonus programs, VIP club terms, and recent promos. Why not use a bonus code to get some boosters for the game? Follow updates and get advantages from the promotion. Even if, you don’t identify yourself as a gambler more like a miner, you can get more benefits and cryptocurrency via playing table games bitcoin casino. People, who confide blockchain canons, will fancy the no-frill proceeding of the Edgeless site. Only the game, outcome, payments, and no distractive prizes or pale part rewards. When it’s time to gain rewards, the cash you won will be automatically transferred to your wallet without house commissions.

Scam and privacy

We’ve already mentioned that Edgeless membership anonymous, more to it the whole casino is based on the blockchain which is one and only that people trust today. Hence, we can call it secured and trustworthy. Plus, public verification is another merit of this gambling site. Any member has free access to the chain of transactions of this service. As the result, Edgeless easily eliminates the capacity of knavish manipulations and ensures fair winning. As far as this gambling platform is decentralized, the casino developers or any outside parties can’t influence the game progress.

Deposits and withdrawals

In order to play games, you’ll need funds in your wallet. Edgeless approves only Ethereum and Bitcoin deposit transactions. In case, you own Litecoin, Dash, Bytecoin, Dogecoin, or other kinds of cryptocurrency you’d better think ahead and exchange them. Since the project is held by EDG token, you can obtain them for playing and betting.

Edgeless casino betting rules are easy as well – the minimal blackjack bet is 0.2 EDG and the minimal dice bet is 0.01 EDG. And the maximum limit of the single bet is 100 EDG.

There must be at least 2 EDG on your account to withdraw. In addition, the winning sum can be converted into fiat money fast like a shot. But the finest thing is that Edgeless club doesn’t charge any commission or hidden fees.

The bottom line

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Actually, the service suchlike Edgeless can appeal to experienced casino fans and the coin miners as well. Smart contracts groundwork, 0% house edge, anonymity, splendid software and straightforward manner of casino performance – these are the traits that favorably single out this community and manifest its reliability. Moreover, the list of entertainments expands regularly to fresh up the range of games and cheer up the interest of players.

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