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DOTcoin Casino 2019 Review! Check Latest No deposit Bonus list!

Introduced in March 2014, DOTcoin (aka KimDotCoin) is another form of virtual funds by Cryptopia. In common with other cryptocurrencies, it’s a decentralized network on a basis of peer-to-peer technology. DOTcoin – or DOT – conducts transactions and distributes assets via its own network. Because of being a script-based digital coin, DOTs can be mined with the same equipment as for Dogecoin and Litecoin. As of now, the number of DOTcoins in circulation exceeds 248.3 million and is likely to reach a total of 890 million available coins in the future. When taking into account the stats of other cryptocurrencies, the amount of DOTcoins is dramatically low. For instance, Dogecoin boasts a total of 101 billion available items. Miners can expect a reward of 500 DOTs for each block they retrieve. The DOTcoin network generates one block every two minutes and produces 360.000 new unites daily. Considering the relatively low total of DOTcoins and its slow-speed mining, chances are this e-coin will go up in price.

Mining or Buying?

Although mining is a long-term process that requires dedication and skills, you can purchase as many DOTcoins as you wish in a snap. In case you have some spare Bitcoins, use them to buy DOTcoins from Cryptopia. This is a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency marketplace that actually made DOTcoin see the light. One hundred thousand DOTcoins come at 0.021 BTC, whereas one million DOTs will cost you 0.21 BTC. Also, Bitcoin is not the only currency to buy DOTcoins with. Dogecoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, Popularcoin, and Unobtanium will be perfect as well.

Being introduced recently, DOTcoin is deemed as affordable, so you can buy heaps of it. Thus, don’t miss a chance to mine or purchase this cryptocurrency before its price goes through the roof.

DOTcoin in Gambling Industry

DOT is popular with both crypto coin owners and online punters. As of today, many gaming portals widely accept this currency; you can bet with DOTcoin, get rewarded with DOTcoin, as well as top up your account and withdraw your winnings in DOTcoin. The opportunities are limitless, just make sure the gambling venue you have chosen supports this promising virtual asset.

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