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Conquer Cryptocurrency Mining Anxiety with MinerGate

Everyone and their grandmother have heard about Bitcoin mining, but few realize the true variety of altcoins on the market and their potential for creating a diverse passive income portfolio. A few years ago you would have to waste time and money on finding the best rigs and setting them up to start mining. The utility bills would have killed your cryptocurrency mining enthusiasm in a month or two. Now you can avoid all the trouble and enjoy a hassle-free way to mine crypto – not just Bitcoin but Altcoins – and enjoy great MinerGate features.

What Is MinerGate and Why Should You Care?

Conquer Cryptocurrency Mining Anxiety with MinerGate

MinerGate is one of the few stable cloud-mining platforms. If you have been researching how to start earning and want to mine crypto, this company can lend you a mining pool to try your hand. Without spending a single dollar on equipment and software, you gain an online mining rig that generates income without your daily input and zero additions to your electricity bill.

One of the best MinerGate features is a variety of cryptocurrency mining options. Besides a way to earn Bitcoin, you get ten other plans. Once you find a profitable option or two, you can scale up your cloud mining operation and invest in new packages.

MinerGate Features Essential for Cloud Mining Novices

Conquer Cryptocurrency Mining Anxiety with MinerGate

If you are still not sure how to start earning in the blockchain, MinerGate might be the best choice among cloud-mining platforms. It offers the lowest entry threshold for blockchain newcomers looking for a way to earn Bitcoin. Cloud mining novices will enjoy:

  1. Outstanding customer support with detailed posts on all things cloud mining. Whether you have questions on setting up an account or selecting a mining pool, there are answers in the FAQ section. Support managers are also present online if you need extra help with online mining plans.
  2. Three-level affiliate program with commissions starting at 30%. If your friends are looking for a way to earn Bitcoin or get into the altcoin cloud mining, share your referral code with them and you will get 30% of their expenses. The more people use your code, the larger your payouts will be. Profi-level affiliate partners enjoy the 65% commissions after inviting 31 new user or more.
  3. Moderate mining pool fees for both PPS and PPLNS payment modes. The charges vary depending on the currency and payment option. The lowest online mining fees are for Litecoin plans, while Bitcoin mining charges are 1% to 1.5%.

Start Cloud Mining with MinerGate

Conquer Cryptocurrency Mining Anxiety with MinerGate

With MInerGate, you don’t need to keep wondering how to start earning. You can create an account to mine crypto with no hassle. Fill in your email and password, and log in to submit additional information, starting with your cryptocurrency wallets for withdrawals.

Cryptocurrency selection at MinerGate is staggering compared to other cloud-mining platforms making your choice harder. However, the minimum investments are so low you can afford to try several combinations before you settle on a perfect mining pool combination. With nearly a dozen of cryptocurrency mining options available, there is no need to settle for traditional Bitcoin mining, considering the ever-growing difficulty and extreme price volatility.

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