Clam Coin Overview

Clam Coin (also known as CLAM) is a newly-introduced form of virtual currency that is created, transmitted, and verified by the joint efforts of personal computers that utilize the CLAMS software. It enables you to conduct financial operations without censorship or authorization.

A fork of the Nova coin, CLAM saw the light in May 2014. The name of this coin is an abbreviation of 4 Latin words – Caritas, Libertas, Aequitas, and Monetas, which are translated as ‘charity,’ ‘liberty,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘money.’ When taking into account the world’s fluctuating monetary system, Clam Coin is a bastion of hope able to ensure fairness, freedom from taxation, and equality, as well. The ever-growing popularity of this crypto coin in casinos is due to the fairness of its distribution. Led by the example of its ancestor – bitcoin – the CLAM network holds to a specific protocol to guarantee the verification and agreement.

Another Virtual Monnaie

Being a brand-new digital coin and payment network, CLAM utilizes the proof-of-stake with blockchain in order to ensure the proper distribution. The issuance of Clam Coin and transaction management largely depends on BTC, DOGE, and LTC. As for bitcoin itself, it is the world’s first cryptocurrency that was created on a basis of the blockchain. In a nutshell, this open-source software can be accessed for free by anyone willing to figure on it. Because a tremendous number of people have done so, it resulted in the apparition of numerous bitcoin ‘forks.’ Although many cryptocurrencies are nothing more than bitcoin clones, CLAM does make a difference.

CLAM Network

It stands for a P2P computer network powered by the CLAMS software. Even ordinary people can be involved in mining this coin from your own home PC. In contrast to centralized networks, the CLAM one becomes stronger with every new miner. The cumulative computing capacity of CLAM is deemed to power the blockchain that allows processing large numbers of transactions.

CLAM in Blockchain Casinos

Little by little, the cryptocurrency sector is getting overcrowded with different digital coins, one of which is CLAM. Considering its steady growth since the launch date, this virtual asset has grabbed the attention of crypto barons who do not fear serious betting in bitcoins. And the flow of investments seems to be never-ending. In a couple of months, the market capitalization of CLAM grew up from $800,000 to $1 million, which also increased the coin value. As of today, Clam Coin is deemed to be more stable than the rest of e-currencies. Unlike banking systems, cryptocurrency operations can be carried out without any intermediary, which will keep you away from tyranny.

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