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Brilliant Mobile Bitcoin Casino Apps and Sites – 2018

More people own cellphones than at any time in the last few decades, and many of them want the latest updates of Android and iOS devices. More than mere apparatus to make calls, these cellphones are pocket PCs which enable text communication, video sharing, your own music library and wireless Internet access.

Bitcoin casinos knows that internet traffic is increasing from these devices; they have laid out their site accordingly by making it friendly to mobiles, or have invented apps which users can download in order to access the site through it.

Though HTML5 – the language of programming utilized by browsers in order to access data – tablet computers and mobile devices can ‘speak’ to bitcoin casinos and enable users to play games just as they can play them on a PC. It is imperative, however, to install Flash on a device if you haven’t got it already. iPhones and iPads do not support Flash, which will require a download of an app to play on mobile bitcoin casinos. For Android users, it is simple to access them by way of Chrome or any other browser.

HTML5-enabled bitcoin casinos let players gamble wherever they are. Be aware that when live dealers are active, if a gambler has no wi-fi connection, he or she is consuming their mobile bandwidth. Because video eats up bandwidth, the data cap on your mobile contract will diminish rapidly, while you will use data playing other games such as poker or video slots at a slower rate.

Note well, too, that not all games will be supported in all mobile bitcoin casinos. Most of them will have a subset of games for mobile playing; many will offer every game. It is essentially important to understand the used protocols on your device so that you can choose the right mobile bitcoin casino. iOS devices – iPad and iPhone – might require an app to be downloaded to experience mobile bitcoin casinos fully, because they do not support Flash, which is used to render videos on sites like online casinos. Happily for users of Android devices, Flash is present and correct and gamblers can use their browser, preferably Chrome because it supports Flash.

The Very Best HTML5 Mobile Bitcoin Casinos
mBit Casino offers up plenty of their games for mobile devices, which can be accessed via the browser. The interface varies between the desktop version and the mobile version, and to open up the options for betting, a user might need to click the menu button. mBit Casino has taken great pains to make their bitcoin casino mobile-friendly. Before loading the games, ensure you have Flash installed.
As with mBit, Bit Casino lets users on mobile devices play many of their games; unlike mBit Casino, gamblers cannot use Live Dealers when on a mobile, but the choice is plentiful for the slots games available on a desktop version of the site. Some of these, however, might not be supported for mobile devices.

The Very Best Android Mobile Bitcoin Casinos
Bitcoin Video Casino has developed an app through which users of Android devices can access their site. The app can be downloaded in two ways: directly to your device via the Android app page, or via their site. Head to the URL above on your laptop or desktop PC, visit the Android app page and scan the QR code. Your wallet has been directly integrated into the app for ease of payment!

The Very Best iOS Mobile Bitcoin Casinos, and are all compatible with both iPhone and iPad. iOS users can therefore enjoy mobile gaming on the go!

The mentioned sites are iPad and iPhone compatible, allowing iOS users to play mobile bitcoin casinos while they are on the go.

The Very Best Mobile Bitcoin Dice Sites

Bitcoin dice sites are playable on mobile devices too. As they are coded in HTML5, there is no need to download an app. A gambler simply opens their browser and visits the site. Such casinos offer the same features on mobile as they do on desktop versions.
Rollin supports HTML5, ensuring the same gambling experience on a mobile as on a desktop. The interface is designed for wider screens, so a user may need to adjust the screen to see everything. 
Safedice supports a superb platform which is easy to read, organized and fitting the mobile screen to perfection. A gambler can easily use the buttons and icons, which cater for large fingers too!
Coinroll is a work in progress, working very well on Chrome and less well on other browsers. It loads in standard mode on mobile devices, but at the bottom of screen a user if offered a ‘lite’ version.

The Very Best Mobile Bitcoin Poker Sites
The most popular bitcoin poker site is Seals With Clubs. Android users can play poker on an app, but the game is client-based rather than accessed through a browser. This is the number one site for playing poker with bitcoin online.

Very Good Mobile Bitcoin Sports Booking Sites
Betcoin has a sleek design and formatting which fits your device, and the site is identical on mobile to that which is found on a desktop. It is therefore the perfect way to bet on sports using a mobile.
Cloudbet allows users to experience its desktop site on a smaller screen for mobiles. It is strongly recommended for users wanting to gamble on sports using bitcoin: the interface is simplified.

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