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BitcoinRush Review & Rating

BitcoinRush Review & Rating
no bonus, they run a VIP program instead


5Games: Video Poker, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Hi-Lo, Baccarat, Sportsbook, Bitcoin Rush
Features: cashback, provably fair, live chat, mobile-friendly, VIP program, zero house edge
Withdrawal & Fees: bitcoin wallets only

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Rebranded from its previous trade name,, with the hell of a lot catchier, Bitcoin Rush, this blockchain casino has been around in one form or another since way back in 2013 and was the first such establishment to utilize the ‘provably fair’ system of analyzing and verifying a game’s integrity. Having to date run 1,713,941 games and taken in over 33,294,600 in wagers, this long standing bc casino is still going strong today, in 2018.

Offering both a casino and a sportsbook option, this mobile friendly gambling site is also browser based, mitigating the need to download any software or apps to your desktop or android or iOS device. Everything is built in to the site and ready to go as soon as you are.

Powered by Monster Byte software, it’s got to be said, Bitcoin Rush, in terms of branding and overall presentation, has one of the best looking blockchain casinos out there.

So, what lays beneath the glossy exterior? Give us a couple of minutes of your time to peruse our review and we will tell you!

Bitcoin Rush homepage

BitcoinRush Review & Rating


BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Bitcoin Rush is a subsidiary of Monster Byte inc., a technology company focused on the development of crypto casino and other blockchain based gambling sites, including PeerBet and Bit777. Bitcoin Rush introduces its players to a wide selection of provably fair games, including uniquely presented takes on the classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. All of the games here are stylized to fit with the Bitcoin Rush brand, giving the bc casino a very professional, integrated appearance. Something that sets it apart from the more haphazard mish mash of images and games that can be seen composing other bitcoin casino outfits.

Bitcoin Rush incorporates a comprehensive, provably fair sportsbook, providing the facility to bet on numerous live action national and international sporting events (including soccer, NFL, boxing etc.) with Vegas style wagering options and decent odds. As far as we can tell, Bitcoin Rush is the only crypto casino that operates a sportsbook under the provably fair guarantee. This is rather surprising, but a major plus point if that is actually the case.

BitcoinRush Review & Rating


It is always reassuring for new visitors to a bc casino to be welcomed by a well presented range of gaming options with which to entertain themselves and test their mettle. Covering all the bases you’d expect of a casino rating highly, Bitcoin Rush does not let us down in this department. Players are welcomed to the gambling site with a selection of traditional casino staples including Video Poker, Blackjack, Hi-lo, and Baccarat, all presented in the house style, and accessible and ready to accept your wagers within seconds.

That’s a very limited choice of games maybe be your initial reflection when searching through the game options, and compared to the majority of the site’s peers, you’d be right. Yet, there is a reassuring coherence to this focussed offering, and there is a lot to be said for doing a few things very well, instead getting carried away with churning out quantity over quality. Rather than spreading the games far too thinly and overwhelming the player with mediocre options, this refined approach is welcome, and actually helps contribute to the high quality feel of the Bitcoin Rush experience.

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

The presentation of the games themselves is rather simplistic in aesthetic, but one can assume that this is intentional, and encompasses the above ethos of providing a cogent, crisp and unfussy user experience that does away with tedious protracted loading times. It’s also appreciable that the games have been created to be instantly recognisable as being Bitcoin Rush. However, it’s hard not to mark the site down for the at times lacklustre appearance of the games in such a high tech field, and casual observers will surely judge the casino, rating it unfairly if they are only briefly exposed to the site.

Bitcoin Rush video poker

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Bitcoin Rush roulette

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Site Features

A great feature of this gambling site is the ability for new players to sign up anonymously. All that’s required to get going is to select a username and a password. It’s not even necessary to provide an email address, although it is possible to do so just in case you forget your password or wish to receive notifications and site mailings etc.

Sign up page

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

If you are more than partial to attempts to find your fortune by betting on live sporting events, Bitcoin Rush also runs a fully integrated, comprehensive sportsbook that covers almost all major sports games, including soccer, basketball, MMA, NFL, boxing, tennis and a fair number of less mainstream events too. This provides a fantastic opportunity for Bitcoin Rush players looking to roll the dice with online betting for the first time, and who want the benefit of remaining anonymous while they do so. What’s more, the Bitcoin Rush sportsbook grants its players several advantages over what’s offered by the site’s competitors on the blockchain casino market, such as excellent odds, high wager thresholds, wagering options including spread betting, parlays, and more. There’s even a leader board that keeps track of the most active bettors, those with the highest amount wagered over a set period will be entitled to prizes (see more on this below in the Bonus Offers and Promotions section of the review).

Sportsbook live odds

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Bonus Offers & Promotions

While it doesn’t currently have in place any new user or first deposit bonuses, Bitcoin Rush has a handful of incentives and promotions in place for new and regular players. First of all is the aforementioned leader board rating. This tracks the amount of currency wagered by each user id over a set period, and players with the highest amount wagered (minimum of 0.1 bitcoin per bet) at the end of a designated period of time will be rewarded with the following prizes:

First Place – 100 mBTC

Second Place – 50 mBTC

Third Place – 20 mBTC

In addition to this is a player loyalty program. Every time you play a game or place a bet at Bitcoin Rush, you are automatically allocated VIP points or ‘mBTC’. It is not made particularly clear exactly how much mBTC you will earn for a particular activity (per bet, per game, per amount wagered etc.), but the amounts you earn are accumulated to progressively give you access to individual ‘tiers’, each with increasing levels of reward and benefits.

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Further to the tier-based bonus system, there are also daily mBTC comps rewards which are directly applied to your account in reflection of your activity on the site. Next up, we’ll review the privacy and anti-scam policies of the site.

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Privacy, Policy, and Scam Prevention Measures

Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin Rush doesn’t keep hush hush about the fact that it was the first online blockchain casino to utilise the provably fair algorithm to independently show the veracity of its games and ensure that fairness is upheld on the part of the gambling site. And who can blame them? The advantages of this feature – for all parties, the casino as well as the player -are numerous, and the system is an excellent development for those who are new to the betting online and seek reassurance before entering a lottery with their crypto currency. Player confidence is boosted no end in the knowledge that it is now impossible for scams or sneaky algorithms to rig the games or unfairly jeopardize their chance at a fair spin of the wheel.

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Bitcoin Rush’s privacy policy states that no user information will be shared or accessible to third parties, or will it be bought or sold for marketing purposes. To counter hacking and other malicious activity, all bitcoins deposited at Bitcoin Rush are held in a hot wallet on the site’s own gaming servers and are regularly transferred to a frequently backed up offline cold wallet.

Deposits and Withdrawals

As the name suggests, at present, Bitcoin Rush only accepts bitcoin. Unfortunately, other popular digital currencies such as ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, and bytecoin, which are becoming increasingly accepted as a means of transaction on crypto casinos, are not at this time represented on this gambling site.

The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC. Every 1 BTC deposited is converted to 1000 credits for use on Bitcoin Rush casino games or the sportsbook.

Withdrawals are stated to be instantaneous, but can take up to 6 hours to complete, and we have found this to be the case in our experience with the site. Larger amounts (greater than 25 BTC over a 10-day timeframe) are stipulated to be delivered in batches across a 30-day period.

The Bottom Line

BitcoinRush Review & Rating

Bitcoin Rush offers both smooth running casino games and a comprehensive online sportsbook. If your interest is in the classic table games and aren’t turned on by glamourous graphics and superficial bells and whistles, then you’ll more than likely be satisfied with what you will find here. The games themselves may not be visually that enticing and are far from the best looking out there, but this simplicity also works in the site’s favour, and will surely appeal to those who like a distraction free approach to gambling. For those who like to break up the gaming with the occasional live bet, the site’s sportsbook has a significant breadth of sports and betting options for you to get your teeth into. Wrapping this up with the option for complete anonymity if so wished, Bitcoin Rush is a great package for those looking for a fuss free way to boost their cash.

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