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Bitcoin Lottery Review & Rating

Bitcoin Lottery Review & Rating


1Games: Lottery
Features: jackpot, lottery, mobile-friendly
Withdrawal & Fees: Once you hit the "Claim Prize" button, the reward will be sent to your bitcoin wallet address.

Ever thought of winning Jackpot while playing in Lottery and spending the money? The idea itself is awesome. Nowadays, in the age of digitalization we have a possibility to experience cryptocurrency lotteries. They gained popularity on the market due to its transparent and anonymous character. In the bitcoin lottery, you can not only play, but also win. And, as for the prize, you are paid not the fiat money, but digital gold, i.e. bitcoins. Getting a win in digital currency is very profitable, because it is credited to your cryptocurrency wallet, which means that you do not have to pay taxes from this amount, and besides, accumulating bitcoins on your wallet, you actually ensure your future, because the cost of BTC is constantly growing. You can play the lottery either for free or pay to play. In the second case, the probability of winning a large sum is much higher. So join the Bitcoin Lottery site to try your fortune and win big!


Bitcoin Lottery Review & Rating

There are zillion of ways to earn some quantity of Bitcoin today. But the latest trends allow playsmen to win really big! Bitcoin Lottery is one of the types of entertaining financial games where you guess numbers like in a regular lottery and depending on whether you guessed or not, you collect your winning in the form of satoshi. Often, some lucky people manage to hit the jackpot, or simply win large sums. Therefore, if you are lucky, you can also win your bitcoin in the lottery. The lottery we talk about is totally free. If a player wants to participate in the lottery, the steps are pretty easy. Firstly, the Bitcoin lottery sign up process must be completed but the gamblers only have to provide personal email as well as a Bitcoin address. The procedure takes really short period of time. Then, the players just have to join the site on a daily basis in order to update the latest news to check the address to win. If you the fortune is on your side and you’ve won a prize, everything needed is just to notify the site administration about it so that they can send you your winnings.

Bitcoin Lottery Review & Rating


When the registration steps are completed users can start trying their luck with Bitcoin Lottery. The winner would be chosen randomly, right from the base of all users being active inside the portal.

Besides, it is important to mention that Bitcoin Lottery site is mobile-friendly. The information shown on the device depends on its size and software capabilities. Android and IOS applications are totally unnecessary, because the mobile version of the site downloads all the required information for user’s convenience. Anyway, this is really great that the site could be observed and used even on the go.

Bitcoin Lottery Review & Rating


The lottery is clear and fair due to the fact that it is built on Bitcoin basis. It takes no more than a couple of seconds to sign up here and start your exeprience.

Bonuses and Promotions

Since there is no deposit, the users don’t get any bonus, including the absence of welcome bonus during the sign-up. Unfortunately, the resource can’t offer the visitors any mutually beneficial affiliate program.

Privacy and Policy

The rules and regulations should be attentively studied by the visitors before starting lottery playing. Every participant must be 18 or over. All the players have a right to only be registered once and use one email address.

Deposit and Withdrawal

As you can guess by the name of the resource, it is only about Bitcoins. Each and every prize or winning is stated in BTC. A very pleasant point is that this portal does not require a deposit. Your participation is free of charge. The only thing that a user needs to do is, as mentioned earlier, simply register an email and the Bitcoin wallet address. It is logical to assume that if the site does not require making a deposit, then there is no withdrawal function. Nevertheless, there is a Claim Prize button to be clicked on. When clicking this button your prize would be immediately transferred to the Bitcoin wallet you have indicated. The whole process takes no more than one click. But it is necessary to remember that the prize should be claimed during 24 hours or else these funds will be added to the next draw.

Bitcoin Lottery Review & Rating

Bottom Line

The wonderful point is that the play can be performed in totally anonymous way due to Bitcoin, the safest and the most transparent cryptocurrency. It is easy to win bitcoins without making deposits and making bets like in other online casinos. The registration process takes up a couple of seconds, so anybody can become a participant immediately.

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