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Bitcoin BTC gambling casino

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new kind of currency which has recently become extremely popular. The first information about it appeared near 2011. It differs from the traditional Dollar and Euro currencies because it works without the central bank and the operations only occur between users.

The Bitcoin appeared in 2009 as a separate payment system and has soon become very popular all over the world. Five years later thousands of enterprises, as well as one of the largest world companies start accepting the crypto-currency.

How should I start?

In order to start with BTC testing, you have to register the wallet. Be careful and keep your personal data safe. If your BTC wallet is lost, you automatically lose its contents. Keep it in mind when choosing the type of your wallet.

There are three available options

The first one is an online wallet which is saved on the third parties’ cloud servers. It is simple to start the bitcoin wallet and to back it up in the web version. Some services make backups for you automatically, sometimes you need to do it yourself. This BTC wallet type is preferable for new users.

Another type is a software wallet. This kind of BTC storage is kept on your personal computer. Such wallets need to be backed up manually. They are safer than web-wallets because if there are any problems with the cloud service, you risk losing your earnings. Advanced bitcoin users should think of getting this kind of wallet.

The third kind of wallet is considered to be the surest way to store your crypto-currency. Hardware wallets are the most secure type of bitcoin wallets. The access to your wallet is provided with a special kind of software which is normally connected to your device through USB. Manual backup is needed for this wallet type. This is the sure way to keep your bitcoin safe, as no one will be able to unlock your wallet without special access information. This is the best option for experienced users who own big sums of crypto-currency.

You can purchase bitcoins in many different ways. You can use your bank cards, proceed with wire transfers and even pay in cash in order to get your bitcoins. You should be very attentive when you decide to get bitcoins. Be careful when purchasing your bitcoins. It is necessary to check the seller and make sure this person is honest and reliable.

Bitcoin in virtual gambling services

Online gambling with bitcoin is presented in various options. Different games with dealers, slots, dice games and poker rooms are open for everyone who wants to bet and win another sum of bitcoins. New players can get welcome bonuses for their first deposits here. The existing users also get their rewards for being active on the site.

Crypto-currency based gambling sites provide the safe environment for players offering only provably fair games. This includes such notions as accountability, anti-cheating protection. This gives the player the freedom to verify the honesty of each game.

Regretfully, BTC and virtual casinos are forbidden in some countries. You should learn the rules to know for sure if you are allowed to gamble depending on your location.

Bitcoin casinos categories

Bitcoin has certainly reached popularity on the global scale, but still, they are less popular in the field of online gambling in comparison with fiat currencies.

Anyway, some traditional currency gambling services have started to introduce cryptocurrency for betting, and some casinos are only dealing with bitcoin deposits.

Bitcoin only sites

When you register with the site that accepts both kinds of currencies, you will have to indicate your full personal information, which is not the case for only bitcoin-based sites where the only thing which is needed is your wallet number.

Bitcoin Cash Casino

If you are a fan of Bitcoin Cash betting, there is a multiple choice of options for you. Search for the games online, check the reviews and start the journey!

Hybrid services

The biggest difference between bitcoin-only casinos and hybrid services is that betting is in fiat currency. Even though you deposit and withdraw bitcoins, they are converted into fiat currencies while you play online. The winning will be withdrawn back in bitcoins, the sum being converted from the US dollars or Euro into the corresponding amount in crypto-currency.

Types of games in bitcoin casino

Every year new games are added to the bitcoin casinos. It’s an intensely developing business. These casinos have a rich choice of games to offer to their visitors, and there is not much difference between them and traditional casinos with the exception of better bonus offers and fast transactions. This kind of casinos appeared only a few years ago, but the number of their users doesn’t stop growing.

Video slots

Slots are one of the favorite types of games of online gamblers. They are widely represented on the BTC gambling sites. Here players have a number of games to choose from and a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Payout amounts are also very attractive.

Most of the slot machines in bitcoin casinos have much higher payout percent than traditional online services and offline casinos. Some of the BTC slots offer generous 99% payouts, which is a very attractive option for those who choose bitcoin.


Blackjack is another popular game in online casinos. It is also widely represented on bitcoin-based betting sites. many variants of the games are available for any taste of player and the payout offers appear to be very promising here.


One of the most popular classic games is roulette. This table game has been popular for centuries and has gradually migrated to the online gambling world. American and European variations are available on the BTC services, promising exciting and profitable games with incredible payouts.

Games with live dealers

During the last few years, live dealer games have gained enormous popularity in online casinos. Bitcoin gambling services are not the exception here. They offer live versions of popular table games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. When you opt for this game format, you surround yourself with the festive atmosphere of a real casino and get a chance to know other players at your table.

Other Games

All the games which were mentioned before are not the only option for online gamblers who use bitcoin. They can choose from a variety of other games such as video poker, all kinds of lotteries, craps and many other exciting games.

The Meaning of “Provably Fair”

Provably fair is an important step for online gambling, for both fiat- and cryptocurrency sites. This means the opportunity for players to verify the odds and transactions. They can now check if the casino controls or interferes with processes of draw generations.

By entering the bet information or ticket number, they can check the game. This is a revolutionary step for the fans of gambling and an important anti-fraud protection measure.

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