Binary Options with Binomo

Binary Options with Binomo
New offers every single day!

Bitcoin, Litecoin, CRYPTO IDX

Features: Commodities like silver and gold, Minimum deposit is $10, Stocks from popular companies, Currency pairs, Indices like DAX, Cryptocurrency, Commodity pairs e.g. corn/cotton
Withdrawal & Fees: Various international payment systems. MasterCard or VISA credit cards. No withdrawal commission.

The Internet provides a lot of earning opportunities.

Binary Options with Binomo

Money making through the Internet opens up unlimited prospects: the workplace is the whole world! It’s first of all. Just imagine, all you need is a lap-top or even a smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are, what time is it and so on. By the way one can make money while movement by bus or by train, for example. The main thing is constant access to the global Internet, just it. No distance, no weather are able prevent you from earning money.

There are many options for making money, but how do you know which is better for you? First of all familiarize yourself with all the options. After all, some require special skills, some require a lot of time, and some do not bring enough profit to make them interesting.

It is recommended to pay attention to binary options.

A binary option is one of the varieties of a stock exchange contract that is used to make a profit on price movements of assets (currencies, stocks, goods) in global financial markets. The buyer at the time of purchase of a binary option makes a forecast of how the price of his asset will change. This financial instrument has a fixed cost, a predetermined time for the expiration of the contract and the size of the potential profit.

Those people who have chosen binary options should definitely get acquainted with Binomo service. Binomo compares favorably with other major trading platforms with its equally serious attitude to both VIP options and not large transactions. Thus, the service pleases both a beginner in trading with binary options and an experienced trader who operates with large sums of funds. Entry requirements are very low, and returns per trade are up to 90%. So why not get started right now?!

Excellent features and many other advantages make this service the best choice for traders of any sort.

This review is going to provide all the necessary information about Binomo, which gives you understanding whether the service is suitable for you.

Trading Platform

Binary Options with Binomo

The Binary Options targeted service provides a very convenient and efficient trading platform for working in the purpose area.

Initially, the company used the well-known but limited SpotOption terminal, but it has already moved from package solutions to a patented design that is ideal for online trading around the world.

The modern and functional platform is routinely updated with high-quality features and is able to quickly detect and eliminate any nascent errors.

Binomo platform can boast some smart features consisting of 20 different graphical tools capable of analyzing charts, as well as the ability to use keyboard hotkeys and independent tabs used when dealing with charts.

Binomo is more convenient than the other platforms since it has integration with the economic calendar and is often updated. The effectiveness of Binomo deserves special praise, because a user is provided with different scalabilities, and he is able to trade with just one click and without confirmation.

In addition to providing exclusive features, Binomo supports daily tournaments, though many virtual trading platforms have problems with this.

The high-quality design of Binomo provides the service with multi-functionality, and a trader gets plenty of excellent tools and technologies for trading. Connoisseurs of slick mobile platforms will call Binomo the ideal option with no doubt.


Binomo has over 50 assets for its traders. In addition to this, the platform works with several markets, which provides its clients with a wide choice and the ability to work at a convenient time.

This larger range, which other specialized platforms don’t have, provides tremendous opportunities for traders willing to experiment with different assets and markets.

The service offers only High/Low trading contracts, however, with the large volume of assets offered by the service the trader does not experience any restrictions.

Here are some options available to Binomo traders:

  • Commodities like silver and gold.
  • Stocks from popular companies like Google for example.
  • Currency pairs.
  • Indices like DAX.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Commodity pairs e.g. corn/cotton.

While other trading platforms offer a limited choice of currency pairs and standard products, Binomo provides its traders with a wider choice of options and assets, which is suitable for a wider range of tasks, especially when it comes to currency pairs and high-value stocks.

With Binomo cryptocurrency, not everything is so rosy – only Bitcoin, Litecoin, CRYPTO IDX are offered.

Spreads & Commission

Most binary options trading platforms offer their services for a fee, while Binomo does not.

The platform does not take commission from traders when they face success but makes its money when traders lose trades.

This is beneficial for all traders, but especially for those who trade at high levels.

For VIP-customers, Binomo provided additional payments, usually 87-100%. Beginners, on the other hand, are attracted by the lack of commission and the low cost needed to start trading.


Binomo doesn’t exploit leverage as part of its offerings, just like the majority of other digital options’ platforms.

However, Binomo offers many other advantages with which a novice trader can successfully start.

Mobile applications

Binary Options with Binomo

Binomo offers mobile apps for iOS and Android in addition to a mobile responsive platform for the desktop version of its service.

Changes in current transactions or the appearance of new promotions, for example, are immediately reported to a trader by push notifications. These notifications as well as the high quality of Binomo’s applications in general, make the platform very convenient for those who trade literally on the go.

With the Desktop platform, of course, a deeper analysis is possible, since it takes into account the smallest details, but the application gives everything you need to monitor your transactions continuously and receive information about the current state of affairs at any time and anywhere.

The app is affiliated with desktop design, and switching between these two is very easy.

Payment Methods

Withdrawing funds earned in Binomo is very simple. To some extent, this is due to catering to an international client base, which means many more options than the average country-specific service.

Various international payment systems are supported, and, of course, you can use the usual MasterCard or VISA credit cards. It is recommended to start trading with a balance of $500. The amount can then increase to 100% depending on the available bonuses and promotions.

Meanwhile, the minimum deposit is $10.

Demo Account

A cohesive and accessible demo account can be obtained just by entering your email address.

After registration, the user immediately receives as much as 1000 virtual bucks, and this amount can be increased for a trader who wants to know more about how Binomo trading platform works.

The demo account introduces all the functionality of the service, so you can get some trading experience with Binomo even without dealing with the live markets.

Promotions and deals

To the delight of its customers, Binomo almost always offers various advantageous offers. This may be advertising, replenishment of the client’s account with additional funds after making a deposit.

Although offers are not received by EU traders, some promotions are possible in Brazil and South Africa.

Every day Binomo makes new offers, so it is recommended to monitor what the service offers so as not to miss the opportunity to get the best option in terms of price and quality. A novice trader who has deposited $500 can receive additional support and take an individual training course with a personal manager, which allows master all the wisdom of trading binary options faster.

Licensing and Regulation

Currently Binomo is a member of the International Financial Commission and ranked as Category A. However it remains unregulated.

Additional Features

Various additional features of Binomo platform make it ideal for traders. We are talking about various analytical and graphical tools, quality-of-life features alike inbuilt Economic Calendar, which can be customized as required.

All the Binomo’s add-ons places into its browser platform are high-quality, and new options continue to be added with free updates.

Account Types

In agreement with other trading services in the industry, the service provides three individual tiers of accounts to its clients, based on funding levels within customers’ accounts.

Getting these account statuses is available without any additional data entry and additional payments. Importance of a single deposit’s value isn’t so big because deposit limits are based on funding over time. This feature makes it a great deal easier than you’d expect to reach VIP account level.

Here are three offered account types:

  • Standard: $10 min. fund. Allows using of all Binomo’s features and tournaments.
  • Gold: $500 min. fund. It allows getting withdrawals faster, introduces a trader to advanced trading strategies, and makes consulting to a manager possible.
  • VIP: $1000 min. fund. These completely personalized services provide maximum privileges.

Each account has its own advantages and Binomo does not force traders to leave what they are used to. A standard account gives just about any advantage Binomo has to offer and the two tiers above are for those who do want to get more.


For traders of any level considering the opportunity to trade with the Binomo platform, it’s recommended to know the following:

  • Low starting requirements.
  • A fully kitted-out demo account, which helps the beginners work out with the service.
  • A practical and convenient account multilevel system.
  • Well-designed trading platform and high-end functionality.
  • Fast and reliable withdrawals.
  • Tournaments and promotions.
  • Focus on growing markets in India, Brazil and Indonesia.


The platform has certain disadvantages, namely:

  • Few available cryptocurrencies to trade.
  • No recognised regulator.
  • No desktop software, only browser and app availability.
  • Signals, insights and social trading aren’t available.

Company Details

Founded in 2014, Binomo is now managed by Dolphin Corporation, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The «customer focus» of Binomo is certified by CROFR, as well as continuous success in the industry.

5 Powerful Tips

These five recommendations will help you trade with Binomo as well as with other binary platforms:

  1. Trade Size – Be calm about your money while only trading between 2% and 5% of your balance on a single operation.
  2. Specialize – Thoroughly explore information about several markets. Knowing the nuances will allow you to make very profitable trades.
  3. Trade Only With Money You Can Lose – Use part of your money exclusively for trading. Be guided by the rule that the loss of this money does not negatively affect your budget and you are able to pay day-to-day bills without them.
  4. Use The Demo Account – Use the demo account alongside your live account. Improve and test new strategies without the risk of losing money.
  5. Be Disciplined – Keep a carefully record of your trades. In case of lose don’t chase it feverishly and don’t pick trades randomly as well. Stay calm and concentrated.

Trading Hours

The trading schedule with Binomo is 24/7. However, tournaments and some other features are only available at definite time intervals. Nevertheless, you can trade at any time convenient for you.

Contact Details / Customer Support

To resolve current issues of the traders Binomo uses different methods. The client can contact the support in real time, although the chat doesn’t work around the clock. However, one can always send the text through social media or report a problem to [email protected].

The full address of Binomo is available on its website, here it is:

Dolphin Corp

First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd

James Street


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Registration number: 25151 IBC 2018

Safety and Security

The security of Binomo customers is ensured by using the service of its own encryption platform. Safe methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, guaranteed safety of the clients’ money, are also used.

Binomo claims that customer funds of up to $20,000 are protected from fraud, and all data is encrypted and secured with SSL. Such transparency of the trading platform, as well as its high level of security for the traders, makes Binomo the top dog among its competitors.

Overall Verdict

Binomo is committed to supporting and serving its customers very seriously. The service takes very little money for its services, and gladly welcomes both experienced players in the field of trade transactions and completely inexperienced traders for whom convenient tools, that help understand the features of trading in a short time, are provided.

For both novice traders and sophisticated VIP clients, Binomo is a perfect fit. While it may be slightly limited, this only serves to make what they do offer even better-designed and highly effective.

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