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Factom – a bright star upon blockchain landscape

Most likely if you are enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency scene, while surfing the exchanges, you have noticed a token with the abbreviation FCT. This crypto coin is part of the Factom platform and, it is based on technological aspects inherent in Bitcoin. It is worth emphasizing that Factom has properties and …

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Mobile Crypto Mining: What it actually is?

Alternative Way to Get Digital Coins The e-coins benefits can be talked for as long as we can. The stable high popularity of cryptocurrency naturally increasing the progressive development of various ways for its extraction. Unfortunately, the complexity of the process and the technical capacities for mining significantly limit digital …

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Nicehash Alternatives You Cannot Afford to Miss

The money printing in dollars, pounds, euros, and other common currencies is controlled by the government and central banks. Increasing the money supply is performed in order to enhance the economic situation of the country.  It’s a criminal offense for ordinary people to be engaged in such a serious procedure. …

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