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A Guide to Cryptocurrency Gambling and Sports Betting

For many sports fans, closely following their favorite teams and athletes, sports has always been more than mere entertainment. We cannot say when exactly sports betting became a thing, but we view it as an indispensable part of any competition, which involves spectators. Therefore, it’s no surprise that with the spread of the Internet, online sportsbooks became popular in no time. Placing a bet became very easy, and later people got an opportunity to do it on the go, as mobile phones and other gadgets evolved. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, in particular, have contributed to the latest revolution in online gambling.

A Guide to Cryptocurrency Gambling and Sports Betting

What Does a Cryptocurrency Sportsbook Entail?

Cryptocurrency is responsible for various definite advantages that became available to the owners of online gambling sites and their visitors alike. Hence, it’s a valuable addition to any sports betting platform looking for ways to get more new visitors interested in signing up. Even new sites that operate using solely Bitcoin got a rare chance to become recognized and earn a good place on the list of top Bitcoin betting sites.

All this comes as no surprise when we have a closer look at the strengths of cryptocurrencies. One of the major advantages compared to the use of fiat money is that transactions take no more than a few minutes, sometimes mere seconds. Besides, most sportsbooks don’t ask for any documents and confirmations, and users are able to send and receive money absolutely anonymously. All that is needed is a Bitcoin wallet address, making these transfers very convenient for both sides.

Bitcoin transactions also have very low fees, if any. This is great news already, but things get even better when you learn that this helps sportsbooks to lower operational fees and offer very nice odds not many traditional money betting sites can match.

A Guide to Cryptocurrency Gambling and Sports Betting

The Steps to Take to Find a Great BTC Sportsbook

Before you can enjoy the transparency and convenient transactions that Bitcoin brings, you have to find a decent BTC sportsbook in the present multitude of such sites. And most of them will look almost the same, let alone offer the incredible experience like no other site can provide! Obviously, this will not be true in the prevailing number of cases.

While there are some smaller sites that deserve attention and offer some unique features, it’s advisable for a newcomer to choose the more revered sportsbooks. This is when a list of top sports betting sites like the one we’ve got on the main page comes in handy. Make sure your choice supports Bitcoin, has mostly positive feedback, and read its review to see whether it suits you in all other regards as well.

Hints on Litecoin Betting

There’s not much difference in betting with altcoins, Litecoin being one of the most popular of them. You still get all the advantages of cryptocurrency sports betting, but the exchange rate will vary, which is normal for any currency.

To locate your perfect Litecoin betting sites, follow the same principles as with Bitcoin. There are going to be fewer options, but it will still be necessary to choose carefully. We have reviewed some of such sites, like Bitcoin Penguin, TrueFlip, Cryptogames Casino, and 777Coin Casino, so you might find some great Litecoin betting options there. There are also some major gambling sites we reviewed that offer a wide range of actions to those gamblers who are interested in Litecoin. Check out 1Xbit Casino and Fortune Jack Casino, these may be just the places you are looking for.

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