Best Cryptocurrency trading sites Hong Kong 2020!

Binary Options with Binomo
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Binary options online platforms with various analytical and graphical tools, quality-of-life features alike inbuilt Economic Calendar, which can be customized as required.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, CRYPTO IDX

Commodities like silver and gold, Minimum deposit is $10, Stocks from popular companies, Currency pairs, Indices like DAX, Cryptocurrency, Commodity pairs e.g. corn/cotton
Withdrawal & Fees:
Various international payment systems. MasterCard or VISA credit cards. No withdrawal commission.
Bitcoin Era Review & Rating
Bitcoin Era Bonus: $1,000

Online auto-trading platform, which picks the most efficient data. The platform executes high-speed trading operations with a high accuracy rate.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS

Auto-exchange bot, High-quality security protocols, Up to $1,500 daily processing, Helpdesk works 24/7, Software: Desktop and mobile version, Download: Free
Withdrawal & Fees:
Up to $5,000-$6,000 within a month. No extra fees or payout limits found.
Bitcoin Evolution Review & Rating
Welcoming Bitcoin Evolution Bonus: $1,000!

Automated crypto trading platform which pinpoints all the open trading positions and assists users with earning money from the most profitable ones.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin cash, which can be paired with –USD, EUR, CAD, CHF, NZD

Live trading feature, Minimum deposit $250, No fees. Free account creation, Up to $800 daily profit, Multilingual interface
Withdrawal & Fees:
Up to $8,000-$9,000 in a month. Payout restrictions: not found. Extra commissions: not found. Hidden fees: not found.
Bitcoin Revolution Review & Rating
Bitcoin Revolution Bonus of $1,000!

The Bitcoin Revolution trading crypto bot allows for the unique possibility of building a constant stream of passive income.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Crypto-exchange platform, Up to $1,300 per day, Bonus: $1,000, Software Download: Free, Cross-device coverage, 24/7 support
Withdrawal & Fees:
Money withdrawal is available from the trading account of the broker. No restrictions on withdrawal amount. Withdrawals are available in 24-hours. The amount is directly transferred to the bank account. No hidden fees and charged. $250 of the initial investment
Bitcoin Trader Review & Rating
Welcome bonus of $1,000

Bitcoin Trader manages to swiftly and accurately respond to the needs of novices and experts. The site is tailored to collect and examine historical price data.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP)

Auto-exchange bot, Sophisticated algorithm that unlocks profitable trading opportunities, Top-notch SSL protocols, Up to $1,000 daily, Cross-device coverage, Bonus: $1,000, Software Download: Free, 24/7 support
Withdrawal & Fees:
The profit is converted to your local currency and then sent to your bank account. The withdrawal of profits takes less than 24 hours, Bitcoins- 10 days. Withdrawal processing takes up to a few hours. No registration and broker fees, no commissions. $250 of the initial investment.

The Blockchain world is constantly evolving, the brand-new ways to benefit from cryptocurrencies appear, so let’s get our wiggle on to shovel Bitcoin trading landscape which is pretty much profitable affair! It may seem first extremely fast-paced and daunting for newbies or seasonal traders due to its specific glossary and processes embraced. Fear not, Bitcoin trading is absolutely no sweat once you got the whole picture.

Being the first currency to be designed and the top-requested respectively, it’s pretty easy to buy and sell coins whenever you want to. Bitcoin shows up a prominent volatility history which has introduced plenty of traders and massive media interest in this ecosystem. Trading isn’t just about occasional pushing of buttons, but about thorough decision-making strategies.

Already intrigued

How to become a successful bitcoin trader?

Bitcoin trader is an individual who chases profit from differential fluctuations in the Bitcoin price market.

If you have seriously decided to become a Bitcoin trader, remember that nothing happens by magic and get ready to face the pitfalls of the Bitcoin trading world. In order not to give up at the outset and stay aboard, be sure to follow a few useful tips to keep you motivated:

  • Select the exchange that you will use for trading.
  • Select the cryptocurrency pairs you are going to trade.
  •  Analyze Bitcoin background, study the growth and fall charts of its value, and study the current market situation.
  • Delve into trading tools and strategies to improve your trading performance. Always keep your finger on the pulse of the latest events and conduct operational changes to your investment portfolio.
  •  Invest in cryptocurrency only in case you have an amount you can really afford to lose.
  • Choose the right moment to buy and sell. The golden rule of the cryptocurrency market is high asset volatility.

There are just a handful of tips that can motivate you to get started and then succeed in becoming a pro in Bitcoin trading. It’s still a bit more complicated if you are a trading fledgling, so a little more determination and hard work – and you can skim the cream!

But first, let’s get the nuts and bolts of creating a wallet.

Before you join any mining pool, choose any suitable method, or practice the ins and outs of how to buy and sell coins, you need a wallet. Bitcoin is not a typical fiat currency that can be stored in the bank. Here is you, who is fully responsible for your Bitcoins and digital wallet as well. The e-wallet introduces a private key to reach your Bitcoin address. Wallets are designed to be accessible in a cross-gadget mode.

Once you’ve installed and launched an appropriate e-wallet and finally fancy getting your hands on some Bitcoins, let’s quench your curiosity with profitable ways of how to earn money from crypto market.

Bitcoin Mining

Are you feeling embarrassed with the wording and trying to figure out how to mine Bitcoin? Relax since everything is a way more trivial than it may seem first. The tricky process works pretty much alike with gold mining. Bitcoin miners usually bring out the gold in the form of Bitcoin into the surface.

Fiat money is backed by a government who manages to print and distribute it. Bitcoin has only miners who apply process-specialized software to solve math tasks and then issued with Bitcoin in return. This very system allows the Bitcoin network to revolve.

The Bitcoin mining process used to be fairly straightforward. In today’s dynamic and competitive market, Bitcoin mining software underwent certain advancements so miners purchase expensive equipment with relevant processing power to mine hefty algorithms.

Depending on your expectations, be it solo mining, mining pool, or cloud mining, the software tailor-made to display statistics as the hashrate, fan condition and temperature, the operation speed of your miner.

To solve the tasks faster, mining enthusiasts’ team up in mining pools where they unite their processing capability in order to hassle-freely solve every single transaction first. They then share the reward to be gotten among the members of the pool.

Astonishing perspective, right? When you figured out how to mine Bitcoin, we are ready to introduce you to other fruitful roads to earning money within the crypto landscape.

Trading platforms

Participants who have funds, gadgets, and wireless connection have an opportunity for unrestricted online trading. The global cryptocurrency circulation brought together investors and Bitcoin holders from all over the world into certain dedicated platforms.

So, why do miners, traders, and investors need crypto exchange stations and what services do they maintain? What is the difference between trading and investing? And, of course, how to invest money in cryptocurrency? These questions must be researched before you place your money on some platform.

  1. Trading.

You have money, but no crypto-cash yet.

Traditional buy and sell operations via the orderbook with any cryptocurrency type supported by the platform. These are the short-term operations aimed to make money from the price spread due to Bitcoin high volatility, plus trades are open 24/7 and there are no barriers for beginners.

  1. Investing or “hodling”.

You own cryptocurrency and you keep it for a long time period, believing that the price will rise in the future, despite current market changes. This is a long-term strategy based on technology or ideology beliefs, participant have to determine.

  1.   Gambling.

Usage of Bitcoins as a payment or betting method. By providing users with anonymity, Bitcoin penetrated into the gambling industry and brought the Bitcoin-oriented crypto gambling platforms. Also, makes it possible to deposit, bet, and win BTC.

Let’s briefly run through several most prominent platforms, respected by traders:

  • Bitfinex. An advanced crypto exchange which operates since 2012. Well-regarded for simple navigation and fixed fees, starting with 0.2% for takers. Would be best for non-US users and the high-volume trades.
  • Kraken. One of the industry pioneers and one of few exchange platforms with a flawless reputation. Fees are almost transparent, as some commissions hide throughout the web platform. No app yet.
  • Binance. A crypto-to-crypto exchange service without fiat money transactions. An impressive list of 17 supported cryptocurrencies can be bought with a credit card.
  • CEX.IO is the secured trading and the brokerage service with an advanced margin trading launched in 2013. More likely to be used by experienced members. Regular reporting, great number of crypto coins to operate. Up to 7% commission for the brokerage deals, other fees are listed in the corresponding schedule on the official site.
  • Coinbase. The popular licensed US exchange with 30 million of users inside which was opened back in 2012. They offer 14 types of digital currencies and an easy-to-use website. A bit tricky fees’ system. Independent wallet for iOS and Android OS. Coinbase has additional fork projects related to digital assets.

When choosing the proper trustworthy exchange venue, pay attention to several pivotal features to be executed:

  • 2FA authentication;
  • fraud-protected wallets;
  • cold storage;
  • desktop running and mobile version (if available);
  • 24/7 helpdesk;
  • fee terms;
  • payment methods: deposit and withdrawal details.

Whether you pick the crypto platform from our list or you’ve already got a couple in mind, there should be a strict goal to pursue. Learn reviews and ratings with the most reputable web services. Test them and make sure your assets are in a good place.

Benefits of Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin technology boom made several life-changing breakthroughs:

  1. First of all, a unique worldwide payment method. Now there is no need to visit banks or other services for universal money transactions, wait till the opening time, or wait till the end of weekends. E-wallet stores all your funds and swiftly delivers the required sum to any recipient on any dot of the globe, and vice versa.
  2. Financial transactions’ limpidity. Any money-related questions should be controlled and screened. Agree? Bitcoin gives this opportunity by its blockchain basis and the ledger-book structure.
  3. Protected! Another advantage that flows out of previous is the hidden ID of the sender, only the wallet number. This point facilitates the modern fragile security issue, fraudsters are still racking their brains about how to break in the algorithms, but mostly all in vain.
  4. Minimum charges. do you want to pay for extra money for painting grass in green color? We bet, you don’t. It’s fair to pay for something only when there is a tag “extra”. For instance, faster delivery, funds insuring, or other priorities. While executing transactions with crypto assets on exchange platforms, users pay commission only for using this particular service, but nothing extra.

However, there can be risks as well. The much-talked-of volatility and no time-proved or highly developed level of the sphere, in general, – can implant some doubts.


It’s been almost 12 years since cryptocurrency burst into the modern world and prompted a self-contained branch of the financial market. Being something quite different than fiat money, digital money became a real hype and something future-proof.

Cryptocurrency is highly-appreciated for its decentralized character and blockchain encryption basics. It made online trading more swing and freer from authorities’ control, hence no taxation interferences or additional penalties.

We are done! Now it’s your turn to make conclusions and decisions. But more likely it can be a crime not to try and get into the loop of cryptocurrency trading.