Best CryptoCurrency Exchanges 2019 | Buy/Sell Bitcoins Platforms Review

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms 2019

Want to buy, sell or trade various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ether or Monero but have no idea which trading platform to choose? Our reviews will help you choose the most cost-effective cryptocurrency trading platforms for your needs.

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No deposit fees

✔ Total volume: 1009 BTC     ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 30 pairs                     ✔ Founded: 2009   
✔ Deposit Bonus                    ✔ CySEC regulations compliant
✔ No commissions fee           ✔ Apps for iOs/Android

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Our score

✔ Total volume: 59,947.13 BTC   ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 25 pairs                             ✔ Founded: 2014   

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Fastest Transactions

✔ Total volume: 28403.89 BTC      ✔ Free Deposit
✔ Up to 300 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2015
✔ Safety Stability                             ✔ All Devices Covered

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✔ Total volume: 2438.40 BTC     ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 50 pairs            ✔Founded: 2013

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Wide choice of payment options

✔ Total volume: 2438.40 BTC     ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 30 pairs            ✔Founded: 2013

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✔ Total volume: 52000 BTC          ✔ No Verification
✔ Up to 20 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2016   

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✔ Total volume: 1300+ BTC          ✔ PayPal 
✔ Up to 200 currencies      ✔ Founded: 2012

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✔ Total volume: 5014.60 BTC      ✔ Visa/Mastercard
✔ Up to 300 pairs                          ✔ Founded: 2015

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✔ Total volume: 4024 BTC               ✔ Visa/Mastercard
✔ Up to 200 pairs                             ✔ Founded: 2013

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✔ Total volume: 52000 BTC          ✔ PayPal
✔ Up to 20 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2009   

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✔ Total volume: 3118 BTC          ✔ Visa/ Mastercard
✔ Up to 30 pairs                          ✔ Founded: 2017   

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✔ Total volume: 751BTC             ✔ Visa/Mastercard
✔ Up to 40 pairs                          ✔ Founded: 2017   

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✔ Bitcoin card                          ✔ Awarded with 3 prizes
✔ Up to 15 pairs                      ✔ Founded: 2014
✔ Fast payment methods       ✔ Over 800 000 Users
✔ Low fee                                 ✔ Free account registration

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✔ Total volume: 52000 BTC          ✔ Visa/Mastercard
✔ Up to 50 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2015   

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✔ Total volume: 247M USD  ✔ Up to 110 Pairs
✔ All Devices Covered             ✔ Founded: 2014

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✔ Total volume: 11 BTC               ✔ Up to 30 pairs
✔ 0.3% taker fee                          ✔ Founded: 2014

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Top 5 trusted platforms

Articles On Cryptocurrency Transactions

Basic Information On Cryptocurrency Trading

A novice in the world of digital currencies may be fully embarrassed on the initial stage of trying to understand how cryptocurrency trading works. No surprise, as there are really so many aspects you need to grasp. First of all, we need to confess, the concept and technologies of crypto trading are on their rise, and so many things have not reached the level of stability yet. Secondly, the abundance of all of the lingo, technicalities, and the vast amount of online trading platforms on offer are confusing. That is why we are here to help you with the basics. Let’s go.

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading
We are sure you have heard of Forex. It’s s a decentralized global market where the most of the world's currencies trade takes place. The gains are based on fluctuations of the currency’s value.

The concept of cryptocurrency trading is similar. On crypto trading platforms the participants trade crypto coins for USD, EURO, GBP or another fiat currency. If you want to start dealing with cryptocurrency but do not have necessary assets for mining, the crypto trading will be a great solution for you. Of course, you should understand that trading crypto coins implies a whole range of risks, as with any other trading activities.

Crypto trading is a faster and simpler way to get started in comparison to traditional trading platforms like Forex. In the first turn, opening an account on crypto trading platforms is much faster, as they are decentralized and thus there is no need to fulfill all procedures required by law. All in all, the registration and verification of your account takes just several hours. Another advantage of crypto trading is easy quitting. Any time you decide to stop trading, all you need to do is transferring your virtual currency to your e-wallet without any pressure from the brokers persuading you not to leave the game. The next perk of crypto trading is the low spreads, i.e. the difference between the ask and bid price of the market maker. So when you trade crypto coins your losses are lower.

Also, there is a splendid opportunity to trade the amount you do not have at your disposal with leverage trading methods. This means that for each amount you have you can buy with 10 times that. Though it is riskier, the chances to make a scoop are much higher as well.

What Tools Are Necessary for Crypto Trading?

We hope that now you have a better understanding of crypto trading. Now let’s dwell upon the tools that are necessary to get started?

To start trading you need to purchase some coins, saying you want to buy bitcoin or to buy ether. The first step is defining which crypto you will choose. Will it be Bitcoin or Ethereum? Altcoin or Monero? Ripple or Neo? All coins have been created not equally, so you need to think twice to determine which cryptocurrency is better for you.

The next step is getting a crypto wallet. There are numerous kinds of wallets, with different types of information storage and security level, suitable for various devices and for a specific kind of trader. As soon as you get the wallet, you can procced to choose a crypto exchanger. From now you can exchange, sell or buy digital currencies.

How to trade reasonably
Making a profit in this sphere requires time and lots of research. You need to keep an eye on the market, fluctuations in currency values, and keep the track of the event in the financial world in general. But even a solid knowledge base cannot prevent some unpredictable things.

Needless to mention that risking on more than you can afford is reckless. Never invest in cryptocurrency your child’s college fund or mortgage repayments. Risk only on what you can lose painlessly.

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Choosing the best cryptocurrency platform is not an easy task, as not all platforms are created equal. Focus on the available options, the amounts you wish to trade, level of your experience and check if a platform suitable for all your needs in cryptocurrency trading.

We have created a list of the most popular and promising trading platforms for those, who have decided to become this exciting dynamic world of crypto trading. Please check our reviews and articles and pick out of the best trading platform in the market.

Do not forget that any kind of trading carries risks, and no one can guarantee that you will gain profits. Otherwise, the world would be overcrowded with billionaires. The pace of crypto trading is crazy, the risks are thrilling, still if you use the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, you should feel more secure.

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What other people say

Here we've gathered the comments of the traders who use the platforms from our chart:

Antony: "24option is perfect for novice traders. After registering and making a deposit you are given access to educational materials and a personal manager who is always ready to help. Also, I am pleased with the convenient interface for bidding and quite high payouts. I’ve had no problems with the withdrawal of funds. In general, I recommend it!"

Mark: "Among lots of trading platforms I have chosen 24Option and opened an account with them. The support is more than good. If they add a position opening in one click this platform will become #1 for me!"

Danielle: "Binance is a great platform. It’s fast and convenient. I have faced no issues with depositing or withdrawing funds. The fee is so low, that you’ll hardly notice it at all. I also like the mobile version of the site, as it’s extremely user-friendly. This platform hits the sport!"

George: “I’m trading on HitBTC regularly. I’m absolutely fine with them. I’m totally satisfied with the volumes, fast deposits/withdrawals, intuitive interface. And the best thing for me is that no verification is requierd, any time I need to exchange some btc to usd.”