Yobit Review

Yobit is a large trading platform that comprises the community of English, Russian, and Chinese speaking crypto traders. The number of monthly visits (more than 10 million) witnesses of its high popularity. The verity of crypto coins presented on Yobit is impressive. Though some people consider such a variety as a disadvantage, others praise the possibility to trade or exchange new coins before they are listed on other trading platforms. The platform is good for newbies in trading, as they will find the interface very straightforward. In addition, the fees are reasonable. It’s advisable to check and make sure you understand the basic terms of trading to place the orders efficiently.

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Customer Support

Unfortunately, the only way you can contact the customer support is submitting a ticket on the site. Hopefully, they will add more communications means in future.  


The fees for transactions depend on the currency and payment method selected. You can check them below:
It is also possible to list new coins on Youbit for small a fee. This means that here you may come across “scam coins”, that is why you need to be careful with newly-risen coins. Another thing to mention is the absence of crypto coins that support new digital coins. This means you won’t be able to withdraw some of your coins.

Currencies available

You will find a variety of cryptocurrencies on Youbit, including – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Vertcoin etc. Besides, Ypubit offers their own coin which is called YOVI coin (Yobit Virtual Currency). As for Fiat Currencies, Youbit lists USD (United States Dollar) and RUR (Russian Ruble). No other fiat currencies are admitted for depositing. 
The choice of digital currencies, tokens and ICOs listed here will literally blow your mind. 

How it works

Youbit provides all means to make trading simple and straightforward. Even if you are an inexperienced trader, you will easily find your way through the platform. To start trading select a currency and place a buy or sell order on it. The minimum transaction would be at 0.00010000 in all currencies.
Youbit has a live chat, which is a great tool for finding out the fresh news or rumors on coins and getting information on the latest tendencies.

Brand Quality, Member Security & Site Safety

The platform is clear-cut, making the navigation easy and straightforward. Youbit is available in three languages: Russian, English, and Chinese. The necessary language can be switched just with one click.
This trading platform provides its users with a login verification email security feature and 2-factor authentication, which is also called 2FA. Such security measures are always a plus for platforms dealing with funds and trading transactions. Bear in mind, that 2FA is optional, so you need to enable it in your account. Do not forget this step to feeling more secure. 

Bottom Line

Though it’s possible to come across some “scam coins’ on YoBit, it is definitely not a scam crypto trading and exchange platform. Here you can safely trade cryptocurrencies. Just be cautious with some new crypto coins and remember that crypto investing always implies certain risks.