Reviews of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms 2018


Want to buy, sell or trade various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ether or Monero but have no idea which trading platform to choose? Our reviews will help you choose the most cost-effective cryptocurrency trading platforms for your needs.

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✔ Total volume: 1009 BTC     ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 30 pairs                     ✔ Founded: 2009   
✔ Deposit Bonus                    ✔ CySEC regulations compliant
✔ No commissions fee           ✔ Apps for iOs/Android

Our score

✔ Total volume: 59,947.13 BTC   ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 25 pairs                             ✔ Founded: 2014   

✔ Total volume: 28403.89 BTC      ✔ Free Deposit
✔ Up to 300 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2015
✔ Safety Stability                             ✔ All Devices Covered

✔ Total volume: 2438.40 BTC     ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 50 pairs            ✔Founded: 2013

✔ Total volume: 2438.40 BTC     ✔ Visa/Mastercard 
✔ Up to 30 pairs            ✔Founded: 2013

✔ Total volume: 52000 BTC          ✔ No Verification
✔ Up to 20 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2016   

✔ Total volume: 1300+ BTC          ✔ PayPal 
✔ Up to 200 currencies      ✔ Founded: 2012

✔ Total volume: 5014.60 BTC      ✔ Visa/Mastercard
✔ Up to 300 pairs                          ✔ Founded: 2015

✔ Total volume: 4024 BTC               ✔ Visa/Mastercard
✔ Up to 200 pairs                             ✔ Founded: 2013

✔ Total volume: 52000 BTC          ✔ PayPal
✔ Up to 20 pairs                            ✔ Founded: 2009